Seed of Greatness

Being a kind-hearted, loving individual can be difficult if we have fears that others will not like us. We agonize over “how” can we be of service? We look for ways to fill others’ needs and desires. We are the caregivers of the Earth and we do it because we have no other choice. It’s our seed of greatness and our calling from the depths of our Souls.

Our only desire is to make others happy and to help them. It makes us feel good, but only for a moment. The truth is hidden to us because in the process of helping others “First” – we somehow forgot about ourselves. We give them our money, time, and energy. We met others along our life’s journey who took advantage of our kind nature. Sometimes this was intentional, but most of the time it was simply misguided and misdirected aspects of a wounded soul who yearned for healing. Their wound found our wound and we felt a sense of belonging – as if for a brief moment – we were ‘understood’.

As we go about our daily lives, our wounds were covered up with our busyness and we even forgot there were even there to begin with. Our wound started well before we became adults. We forgot ourselves in the maze of growing up and we forgot our pains, leaving Band-Aids on our scars, until those were just forgotten too. We began to focus on surviving our life and growing up. We would take care of daily cares, chores, others, the house, and the car—creating endless lists of things needing our attention. Every time we took a moment for ourselves we were nudged, berated and told we were selfish. Even though it was unnatural for us to ignore the aches and pains of our emotional and physical body – we learned to pretend it just was not as important as other’s needs.

After many years of sleep deprivation and struggling we begin to feel empty and wonder what this void is inside of us. We try to cover it up with another Band-Aid, but that just falls off and the sting hits harder. Eventually, our emotional and physical bodies start to scream at us until we can no longer dull the pain.

It is at this point that we begin to look for answers. The things that are spread beyond what used to be our comfort zone starts to slip away from us. We slide up and down in this comfort zone, but we begin to have lower lows and lower highs. Every time we think we have a breakthrough we backslide in some manner, either financially, mentally, emotionally or in our relationships. We hit the bottom and feel stagnated. Then after the discomfort becomes too much for us we start trudging upwards again. Then we hit a plateau and bounce down again. We ask ourselves, “What is going on?” We get frustrated and sometimes fall into apathy. It seems we have somehow confused the law of gravity saying, “what goes up, must come down” with our lives.

There’s hope and a path to freedom. Once you start pulling out the seeds of doubts, fears and hopelessness then you will have room to plant seeds of greatness within your mental garden. I’m here to help you do that if you are willing and ready. Just drop me a note or schedule your free discovery session with me.