According to psychologist Abraham Maslow, self-actualization is “what a man can be, he must be…It refers to the desire for self-fulfillment, namely, to the tendency for him to become actualized in what he is potentially.”  I find Maslow’s definition particularly inspiring for women entrepreneurs. Self-actualization is all about the fulfillment of one’s life purpose and highest needs, such as self-respect, self-growth, fulfillment of one’s true potential, and achievement of financial security. For successful women entrepreneurs, their small businesses help them achieve just that.

Therefore, if you are still struggling as an entrepreneur to make it big, it’s time to change your approach and start focusing on self-actualization, because once you are able to self-actualize your truest potential, the rest of the things would naturally follow suit: success, frame, profits, and abundance. You can follow this process as an entrepreneur, in order to self-actualize your truest and highest potential:

Have a Vision

Entrepreneurs have a vision of how life should be: a personal vision and then a collective one. It gives their life and business worth, depth, and value. Elon Musk wants to make this world a better place through solar technology, and Bill Gates and Steve Jobs worked towards making technology accessible to everyone. Oprah has gone a step ahead and uses a vision board to keep herself motivated. My own vision is financial abundance for women all over the world. Therefore, I use my Abundance Breakthrough program and Make Money movement to help women break the shackles of poverty and achieve financial independence.

Be a Problem Solver

Entrepreneurs have a natural problem-solving mindset. Where average people see the problems and challenges in every situation, they see the possibilities and solutions. They want to make life easier not only for themselves, but also for those around them through the creation of products or services. They use resources, services and technology to help connect people and find solutions for their common problems. They want to make a difference in the world through small yet impactful deeds.

Nurture Creativity

Women entrepreneurs start their own thing because they want to express themselves creatively. They are not satisfied with the status quo of the 9 to 5 jobs and cubicles, and see their laptops offering them more creative and physical freedom. They catch the attention of others through doing the most ordinary things in a unique, creative, and extraordinary way.  They write, design, try on new marketing strategies, sketch courses, run services and creative campaigns.

Monetize your Skills

Entrepreneurs are able to recognize a market demand and find a way to fulfill it like no one else. They build a whole business out of this by charging money for their services. They are not afraid to set a price for their skills, to market them creatively and enthusiastically, and make enough money out of it to lead their desired lifestyle. They are not motivated by profit and wealth alone, but they are proud of the money they make and use it make an impact in the world.

Seek Connection

Women entrepreneurs, working towards self-actualization, have a strong desire to connect. They interact on different social platforms and networks, and connect with a tribe of like-minded women.  They like to collaborate, make connections, and ask for or readily lend a helping hand, a sympathetic ear, advice and encouragements, irrespective of the fierce competition. Whether these are women entrepreneurs on networking events, Facebook communities or forums, they rule with a sense of kinship, connectedness, purposefulness, a problem-solving attitude, and mutual learning.

I am Luci McMonagle. Through using the process mentioned above, I self-actualized my own highest potential as a Miracles and Abundance Coach. I have been helping women entrepreneurs in doing the same because I believe there is enough potential in all of us to help us create meaningful lives and businesses. Want free and personalized self-actualization advice? Great! There are still a few slots left in my coaching calendar. Hop on board and together we are going to explore the things you need (advice, resources, referrals, tips, etc.), to self-actualize your own entrepreneurial journey and have an abundance breakthrough.