The fundamentals of modern era are seen as those of equality, where men and women are granted equal rights in every phase of life. However, some limitations are observed when it comes to earning a living. Most of them being cultural and societal as a whole.  For example, women, most of them in this modern era are independent. But despite this  a major  part  of them  are dependent  on male  bread  bearers of  the  family.  They want to work but are bounded by responsibilities of home, kids and family members.  Other factors include harassment at the workplace and lack of proper skills.

So what do we do if we come across a similar problem?

We ask women to make jobs for themselves. Many of the world’s million dollar ideas came from a similar background, and then let it be Facebook, or your favorite brand of food or clothing. Every person has a unique ability; they just need to make that count.

Say, you are good at stitching and have classy wardrobe. You can pursue that passion and you may become a renowned fashion designer. You like baking; maybe you will own a famous bakery some day. Now apply this thought to writing. You could just start a blog about your favorite thing, or someday become the author of a best seller. Engage and employ yourself. If you are good at taking care of your kids, why not babysit those of your neighbors and be paid for babysitting.

The possibilities here are endless; all you have to do is look up for them and just invest your time in finding out where your heart lies. Moreover, let your heart do the rest. Do something you love so you do not ever have to go to work.