Although ecommerce business is easy to start but it just cannot be handled by the weak simply because there is an immensely tough competition in the virtual world. It is useless if you have a really attractive website with awesome products and competitive prices and your site is not found in the first two pages of Google. How many of us actually have the time to actually go beyond the first page? Hardly any of us bothers! It is here that SEO plays a key role. More traffic means more chances of sale. Want to increase customer traffic and sales? If yes, let us take a look at some of the tips below:

Do some research on finding effective keywords

Getting the keywords, right is the actual key. Take out some time and get into the head of your clients to find out the keywords related to your products. People are very specific when doing their search, so avoid using very general keywords. Think of the words that you think most people are going to write in the search field when looking for any of your products that you are selling on your e-commerce website. In order to evaluate that, you could use keyword research tools to check the number of people who write a particular key word per month. You can do that for your city or country in particular too.

Make catchy product descriptions

When it comes to product descriptions, you should simply avoid using the ones that are there on the manufacturer’s website since they are already used repeatedly on other online stores who are selling the same products. You should try writing descriptions by yourself, which includes the appropriate keywords, which is more likely to be searched easily. Just try keeping unique, smart, and catchy.

Product image optimization

Everyone likes to take a look at what they are about to buy and it is an extremely important factor when buying something online. It is a good idea to have at least two images for each product. Keeping the background white is ideal. But that is not it. You need to help the search robots see, find, and understand the images on your website. If you do not optimize your images, you will lose chances of selling your products. Do not forget to add appropriate keywords into the ALT tags of images. Selecting each keyword carefully according to relevance is just perfect because that makes every ALT tag related to each image unique.

For E-commerce success, you need to think SEO all the time. Never undermine and neglect the importance of making your website Google friendly. Search engines will take time getting to know your web site. You just have to be a bit patient. All you need to do is be sure that your URL has been submitted to all of them!