How Sharing My Personal Story Helped My Entrepreneurship and Why You Should Do the Same

You might have always thought that marketing your business, getting and retaining clients, meeting deadlines, keeping commitments, maintaining the cash flow and profit margin are the only things important for your business. They are….however; there are subtle things that have greater meaningfulness and a deeper and long-lasting impact on your business. Your business’ survival and long term success depends on the following elements: how to gain visibility and authenticity with your audience (clients as well as media), how to earn their trust, how to convince them to believe in your vision. So what I actually do is that I help women entrepreneurs to start pouring in their soul self into their business so that they can bridge their spirituality and mysticism with the practicality. In one of my Mystics Wisdom series, which is a Live are recorded videos events, I tackled this aspect of entrepreneurship and I have used facets of my own story and struggle as a reference point. If you have struggled with bridging the personal and professional, or are against using your personal aspects in your business, or  don’t know how break through the visibility barrier because you are so terrified of putting myself out there then this article would change your view point or at least would make you think:

Leverage Your Pain to Do Better

Pain is a part and parcel of our lives; however, you either let your pain paralyze you or you can use it to fuel your action. You can either choose to play and replay the sad part of your story and keep considering yourself a victim of circumstances and keep blaming others. Or, you can use your struggle, pain and angst to make yourself better, find a way out of the cycle of misery. There was a time in my life when I was in my twenties and had just started working. I was a single mom too, and times were really really tough. There were nights when I had to choose between eating crackers myself or feeding my baby boy. I ended up being hungry, quite often, quite a lot. And I was underweight because of the struggle and impoverishment of means. I was kind of accepting my circumstances as something normal, as my fate or destiny. I remember actually staring at my son’s food at times and wanting to eat his food. I felt so much shame. I was feeling that I wanted to do something that I knew was not good for him. I never did it, but just the thought that I thought of it caused that shame. However, one night, I kind of hit the rock bottom and decided that enough was enough.  So, in a way, my pain, suffering and shame compelled me to do better. I vowed that I would try to find my way out of the desperate circumstances or die trying.

Shift Your Mindset

We are all good or bad products of our circumstances but we have to make sure that we don’t consider getting trapped in a bad situation forever due to the ‘victim mindset’. I kept making bad decisions one after another in my twenties because I didn’t know any better. I didn’t have the training or a growth-oriented mindset that could help me do better, make wise decisions because I was raised in similar circumstances too, by a single mother who worked many jobs to put food on the table. So, I was unable to see the limitations of my mindset which was keeping me trapped in the circumstances and stopping me from seeking hidden opportunities around me.  When I finally decided that enough was enough and started to consciously and painstakingly shift my mindset and made a vow to myself, I started getting those crazy headaches. It was just as if something inside my head just caused this ache from the deep subconscious, and all of a sudden, light started streaming through. I started seeing opportunities. They were always there. But beforehand, I was completely oblivious to them. I had no clue that you could make money outside of working 9-5. I realized that I had vintage dishes, depression ware dishes that I could sell and make money. I did that and made some money. After that financial and emotional breakthrough I was like, “Oh okay. So what else can I sell?” or, “What else can I do?” And then I would realize that there were people out there who were just out of the hospital or ill or incapacitated and they needed someone to run errands. So, I began filling in that role, became a reliable go-to-person and began earning money. A person who stays stuck in one small aspect of the story actually has a limited mindset and he or she stays stuck in a situation and accepts it as his or her fate. But a person with a growth-oriented mindset tries to find his or her way out of desperate circumstances, try to end a defeatist cycle. When we know better; we can do better. In my book Magical Money Manifestations, I have written at length the formula that I use to really dive in, find those hidden belief systems and change them and how to start creating money.

Sharing Your Story Makes Your Look Authentic

We feel that people are looking for happy perfect people, happy thoughts, and if you show them your real side, your real story, they would be put off. So, we try to put across a happy face, a perfectly chiseled story and veneer. What it ends up doing is that this glossing up effect starts making you look unreal and fictional. Prospects would feel that you won’t understand them, you are not in a position to understand their problems and pain because you have never experienced any of it, and as a result, you cannot really help them out and would judge you. When I decided to share out my story for the first time in a group of people, I broke up in tears. But then something wonderful happened. I had women crying with me and not on me. So, sharing my authentic story had helped me with attracting clients. It has helped people understand me, they get me, and they feel this camaraderie with me, they feel this vulnerability. And they feel that, “If she can be visible, if she can be that raw, so she has been one of us and she can help us in achieving similar results.” Writing is also another great way to reach out to people. So, the other important thing is that I put my story in my book, Magical Money Manifestations. It took a lot of courage but the purpose was to give authenticity to myself, my life experiences and my work. As a reader, when we read something from a person, we come to know the person, we trust that person who is writing it; it really just seems to be key to the whole, the difference that makes the difference.

Use Social Media to Duplicate Your Life Authentically

Social media is an important and phenomenal medium. You can use it either for narcissistic purposes or you can use it to leverage your work, your cause, and connect. Up until about three and a half years ago, I was terrified of Facebook. I hated Facebook. I thought for sure if I put myself out there on social media, then I would have crazy stalkers. And none of that was true. Obviously don’t put your personal information on social media. If you are going to have a mailing address on your website or anything, get a mailbox service. So, at first I was terrified, I didn’t want to do it, I didn’t want to be visible. But I met so many people since then who have been following me through social media. I’ve had some individuals follow me for an entire year before they reached out and said, “Hey. I followed you for a year and I love the videos, I love that you have a Facebook group, I love that I can find you on LinkedIn and I can tweet and share your tweets, and you’ve made a difference in my life.” And it’s those people that actually have reached out to me and let me know that I’ve made a difference in their lives just sharing me story during my Facebook lives, putting my little positive affirmations out there or my little tips or my little strategies. And that really makes it all worth it. So how it’s helped me I change people lives. I may able to duplicate myself. It’s not hard to duplicate myself. I can reach to the people who, maybe they’re getting ready to work with a coach, or maybe they’re ready to work with me. And most importantly, I’m able to help them become a better person if they choose that. Likewise, if you haven’t been using social media for your business then start doing so. But do it in a wise, intimate, productive and intuitive manner and you would begin to see the results in your business too.

There is a definite win in sharing the hero’s story i.e., your story. The point is that if you stay stuck in the wrong side of the story, your story would never grow and your story wouldn’t ever have a turning point or a happy ending. When people, your audience and clients, hear your story and see the struggles that have led to the current results and successes, they feel hopeful, they see the promise and want to put their faith (and their money) on you.

I am Luci McMonagle, the Mystic Wealth Creator. For those entrepreneurs and those individuals who are feeling that maybe they just don’t have enough support, maybe that they do not having the ability to go forward, or they have a heartbreaking story that is keeping them trapped in misery then I have a complimentary session that can help them breakthrough these quagmires and barriers and see that the Universe is truly for them. Go to and book a convenient slot. Together, we would explore your personal story and uncover the hero in it.