What does it mean to be “awake?” Does it mean being aware of the sophisticated aspects of the political landscape? Or does it mean knowing what to do in certain circumstances? Or does it mean something else entirely? In my opinion, being AWAKE has nothing to do with our worldly lives and so much to do with our spiritual selves. Sadly, many people spend their entire lives being unaware of the fact that they have this completely different identity which exists as a separate being. Our bodies are similar to vessels which are being driven by our souls. Knowing how to work on our spiritual existence is what we should all be focusing on the most because that is what will be left after we depart from this world. To celebrate this idea, I recently held a Spiritual Awakening class at Wellspring Books, AZ. I was happy to see that so many people came together to seek answers and find out more about their souls!

“Waking up” your spirit is one thing but what comes after that? How does one get to know that they are finally spiritually awakened? What signs and symptoms should that person be looking for? What different experiences should they be looking forward to? And more importantly, how can they benefit from their spiritual awakening? In this article, I will try to answer all these questions and hopefully provide you with a better understanding of what to do with this spiritual change and how you can take maximum advantage of it. Let’s get started!

How Spiritual Awakening Works

The primary aim of this article is to discuss the signs and symptoms of spiritual awakening, which is why I will try to keep this bit as short as possible. Ideally, by now, you should have already started working towards awakening your spiritual self. In case you haven’t, here are some brief tips on how you can accomplish that.

  • Allow New Ideas to Enter Your Mind

The first and the most crucial step in spiritual awakening is to expand your perspective. Allow new and fresh ideas to enter into your mind. Read new books, get into sophisticated debates, question your existing beliefs, and realize that the universe is much larger than what the human brain allows one to comprehend. By doing so, you will feel a surge of knowledge and better critical thinking skills flowing through your mind.

  • Get Rid of Unwanted Belongings

Sometimes, a cluttered home could get in the way of you successfully inviting spiritual awakening into your mind and heart. The unwanted things in your home could very well act as physical barriers and prevent you from achieving spiritual fulfillment in your life.

  • Become One with Nature

The spiritual realm is parallel to this worldly life. And the best way to escape the noise of the world is to spend time connecting with nature. But, how? It’s rather simple – just go out for a walk in the park, go on a camping trip to a nearby lake, spend some time with animals or, better yet, do some yoga and meditation alone in your garden.

  • Respect Your Mind and Body

Finally, I would like to highlight that working on your spiritual self doesn’t mean that you completely abandon your physical body. So, make sure that you respect the vessel which has been bestowed by the universe on you as a blessing. Eat right, stay active, and get adequate sleep!

Signs That You Are Experiencing Spiritual Awakening

Now that you have finally started to work on your spiritual awakening, without further ado, let us discuss the different signs and symptoms that you should be looking out for. This will help you keep track of your progress and give you an idea about whether whatever you are doing is working or not.

  • You Have Become Highly Perceptive Lately

The special thing about being spiritually awakened is that all of your senses are heightened. From your sight to your very 6th sense, everything is enhanced. As a result, you start being extremely perceptive of everything. The little things in life that you used to ignore become a source of wonder for your eyes. You try to find meaning even in the adorable little chirps of the birds around you. You start looking at the clouds with awe. In short, the little things in life start giving you joy and happiness and that is the beauty of being spiritually awakened.

  • You Stay More Grounded in the Present

I personally believe that if people stopped regretting their past and worrying about the future, the world would be a much better place to live in. Focusing on the present and giving your best every single day is one of the keys to eternal happiness and success. Those people whose souls have been awakened feel more connected with and grounded in the present. In a way, they experience a shift in time. For them, the past is something that doesn’t exist anymore. On the other hand, the future is a mystery that is locked within a chest. All they care about is the present, and they do all they can to make the most of it.

  • You Feel More Alive

Relatively, spiritually awakened people feel a greater sense of “aliveness” than those who aren’t. But, what exactly does it mean to “feel alive?” For starters, you feel much happier than you used to before. You don’t let the little bumps and obstacles in life discourage you from achieving your dreams. And most importantly, you try your best to cheer other people up and share your happiness!

  • You Feel More Compassionate

The language of empathy and compassion is universal. It’s what every single being on this planet understands. However, being empathetic and compassionate requires a level of spiritual awakening. People who have fully awakened their spirits are usually the ones who are the most compassionate and empathetic towards other life on this planet. They understand the pain, the joy, and pretty much everything that the other being might feel. This allows them to take calculated steps in their lives because they are aware of the potential consequences.

To Conclude…

In a way, being spiritually awakened means fulfilling the very purpose human beings were created for: to realize their potential and make the world a better place for other life thriving in its domain. If you have started to experience one or more of the signs/symptoms mentioned above, then I congratulate you on being successful! If not, then don’t be discouraged – continue your struggles and you will eventually achieve spiritual awakening!