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I would be honored to be your best option.

My passion is empowering women with the basics of money mindset mastery creating personal freedoms and happiness.

My signature talk, The Secret Language of a 6 Figure Income is a dynamic talk that will mesmerize your audience while providing high quality content, humor and storytelling.


I am a highly sought after Abundance Breakthrough Coach, Speaker and Author that empower women to have more money, more freedom and more joy in their lives and am the host of the Wealthy Wednesday eTV Show.

As a featured member of the Public Speakers Association and Speaker Venture combined with my certification in the art of face and body reading, I bring wit, humor, laughter and powerful tools for success to your audience.


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Lucimcmonagle testimony self empowerment Connie

“I have attended many of her (Luci’s) events, leaving each session feeling inspired, motivated and determined. Luci has a special charisma that makes people feel safe, even when delving into vulnerable areas of our lives. She helps people move forward through mindset training & techniques, helping with racing thoughts, focus, and self-empowerment, resulting in awakened inspiration.”

Connie Mazzella

Lucimcmonagle testimony inspirational leader Nick

“Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader that has helped me and others move forward during their times of turmoil. Of the 5 years I have known her, I have attended many of her life changing events that she has created and hosted. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend her.“

Nick Meyer

Luci is SPOT ON in every call we have together! I have jaw-dropping moments when Luci is tapped into my energy. I feel so much lighter after our calls together!

It is AMAZING what Luci says to me; she knows things I’ve only thought of and never spoken out loud. I’ve even had a major breakthrough & then gotten a text from Luci congratulating me on my success! Whaaaaaaat??

That is some POWERFUL stuff right there!

Every call I have with Luci is like layer after layer of POWERFULNESS and MAGIC!

With our last call she completed another layer of energy clearings on me. Within a week, I started to have women come to me. From local networking meetings and one email I sent out, my calendar went from two calls to booked tomorrow and Thursday and some for next week too!  ~ Denise Dominguez at denisedominguez.com

Denise Dominguez

Luci is someone who will empower you to be your best self. She is extremely skilled at communicating in a way that opens up new ideas for you and keeps you empowered. The simple techniques she teaches you are things you can use to have power, confidence, and effectiveness in every part of life. Most importantly for me, I can do it with ease and grace. ~ Marisa’s website is www.hellobeautifulhealth.com