Most of the concerns and problems in our lives are related with money that it’s too little, too tight, not enough; it’s evil and feeds greed. Money gets so much bad rap and yet we all want it. Spiritual women entrepreneurs’ relationship with money is defined with this very contradiction. They want their business to make money and profit and yet feel ashamed in charging for their services. This causes so much stress in their life and business, around the money area. In a Wealthy Wednesday episode with Michelle PW, I explored the concept of love-based money and loved-based enterprises. Here are a few ways spiritual heart- and soul-centered women entrepreneurs can mend their relationship with money:

Harness the Energy of Money

Money is treated like a thing, a mere dollar bill, though it’s an energy that needs to be harnessed. It has a spiritual dimension that stays unrealized because we are told (and like to tell ourselves) that ‘money is evil’, ‘money is bad’. But at a deeper level, money is a way for you to exchange energy with the universe. Money will not only help you generate wealth and sustainability in your business, get more freedom, fulfillment, abundance and joy but it would also help you create a positive impact on the world. When you back your money with a mission, the universe reciprocates you with more money, wealth, abundance. A great example of this is Oprah, the media mogul. When you have a divine consciousness and zeal, the money and wealth the Universe sends to you is blessed with a divine purposefulness.

Use Money as a Stepping Stone for Wealth

Money is accumulated but wealth is what is built. Michelle PW has rightly identified the difference between a job mentality and a wealth mentality. We see money as a means for exchange of goods and services. We live from pay cheque to pay cheque, use money to pay the bill or keep it locked away into a bank. We don’t like to look at it, feel it, and explore the ways it can be creatively, meaningfully and profitably used. Money is not meant to be stockpiled. It needs to be cultivated; it loves movement. This doesn’t mean you should start giving money out, spending or investing it unscrupulously; rather, use it in creative ways: invest it wisely.  When you give it out; give it blessedly, generously, and heartily.  Once your wealth consciousness is high, you will b able to attract money, retain it, and grow it into wealth.

Get to know Money like your Get to Know Your Friend 

 Just like you have a love based relationship with people in your life, try to treat money at the same scale. Treat it like a person: understand it, talk to it, befriend it. Tape it on your mirror and look at it everyday; take it out of your wallet, talk to it, feel it. Tell it how many ways it has helped you and has enabled you to help others. Don’t look at money with disgust, fear, or bafflement. Look at it with gratitude. Also, don’t accumulate money at the cost of precious things and people: your health, your mental peace, your family. I learnt the lesson the hard way when I lost my job, my savings, my health, my marriage in the blink of an eye.  When your relationship with money is healthy then you operate from and go around the world from a place of clarity, confidence, and joy.

Let go of ‘Either’ or ‘Or’ Choice Paradigm  

we have been told that we cannot have it all. We can either be homemakers or we can be business owners. We can work for money or just continue having an idle, carefree time. If you live on such absolute terms, then you will feel stuck, you will feel an impoverishment of means, you would operate from a paradigm of limitations. And for talented women, this is not the best way to live or to use their abundant potential and skills. In this digital age, we have so many opportunities that has enabled so many women, who are full time homemakers and caregivers, embark on entrepreneurial journey. This way they have been able not just to become independent but to raise their own and others’ money consciousness and become part of the money movement I propagate.

I am Luci McMonagle, a spiritual healer and Mystical Wealth Creator. I teach women entrepreneurs a spiritual money mentality and harness its positive energy. So that they can create meaningful, heart-centered and soul-fueled businesses, so that they can not only make an impact on their life but make a meaningful, philanthropic impact on the world. If you feel that your relationship with money is not great and that it’s affecting your business’ purpose and profit, then we definitely need to talk. I offer complimentary sessions besides a bevy of other services. Book a vacant spot on my calendar. http://lucimcmonagle79.youcanbook.me/