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Most people think that you cannot start your own business without quitting your job first, or you have to wait for the moment when you can afford to let go of your regular jobs and then can finally start your business, so that you can give an absolute 100% to your business. However, this isn’t really necessary all the time. Here is how you can manage both:

Make Better Use of Your Time

Part time or full time, a side hustle or full time business, managing all things demand time and effort, and a better prioritization of tasks. How do you spend the time after your job? If your idea of unwinding after work means reading chick lits, watching TV for 3 hours, browsing the social networks, spending the weekend in bed, then you can start using this time to work for yourself by:

  • running a blog that generates income
  • opening a craft shop on etsy
  • doing freelance projects for clients
  • doing consulting work

Relaxing and having a bit of ‘ME time’ is necessary, but cutting it down to work on your passion will help you feel more fulfilled.

Place Your Job and Business in the Right Perspective

Don’t see your day job as something that is standing in the way of your passion; or something you are doing out of sheer necessity. Instead, see it as something that

  • Pays the bills while you are growing your own business
  • Helps you tide over during the lean periods when business is slow
  • Gives you benefits like health insurance, paid vacations, etc.
  • Keeps your dream afloat and fuel your passion

Use Workplace as an Inspiration

Since you spend a major part of your day at your workplace, get help and inspiration from there:

  • If there are ideas that have emerged during a brainstorming session at work but may not have much use or space there, then you can always apply and use them in your own business.
  • Utilize the contacts and friends you make at work at for your business. For instance, if you have befriended someone at the IT department or the content writing department, you can enlist their help in figuring out these aspects of your business, often free of charge or for a small honorarium.
  • If there are certain services, your workplace doesn’t provide to clients but they want or keep asking for it, then you can use this gap as an opportunity for yourself and your business.

Do it All But Do it Ethically

An entrepreneur is creative, ambitious, enterprising, but above all, he/she is also ethical. This means that you should:

  • Keep your work and your business separate
  • Conduct your office affairs after office hours
  • Do not use the resources of your workplace for your business, such as phones, internet, stationery, etc.
  • Ensure that there is no conflict of interest between terms of your job and your business

If you have enough passion, a better sense of task prioritization and resources, and creativity, it is possible to run your business or side hustle while still holding your job. So you can have the best of both worlds and enjoy them too.

Do you feel that you have enough ideas and passion and yet something is holding you from realization of your dreams of being an entrepreneur? Let Luci McMonagle help you figure it out. A motivational speaker and lifestyle coach, Luci has been providing help to budding female entrepreneurs like you in breaking free from the clutches of doubt and self sabotaging habits.