Start Rewriting the Story of Your Life and Laying the Foundation of a Better Future in 2017 and Beyond

We all have a past, the story of our life that helps us stay grounded in the reality and move forward. If this story is fraught with more struggles and disappointments than joys and successes, then it is a sad one, or so we end up believing. This sadness and negativity stop us from moving forward in life. So in a sense, this story keeps us enthralled and entranced but also entrapped in our past. It is very important not to hold on so tightly to whatever we believe is our story, to get fixed on it to the extent that we become bleak, negative and stop living life the way it is meant to be lived.  If you believe that the story of your life is a sad one, then it is high time to start rewriting the story of your life. You may think: “But it’s not possible, Luci! We can’t change the past. I am destined and doomed for failure.” But I tell you, it is quite possible. After all, the story is not over. Llewellyn Vaughan- Lee said:  “The only way to change the world is to change the story.” Here is how you can change your story:

Change Your Perspective

Human mind has a tendency to magnify and hang on to negative things more than the positive ones. Something bad happened in your past?

Your parents were too poor?

You were ridiculed and abused as a child?

Someone close to you died?  

Your lover betrayed you?

Go back in time; revisit the past. Start revising minor details, find and pick up small positivity and graces surrounding the negativity, sadness and heartache and begin focusing on them, like:

My parents were poor but they loved me.

I was ridiculed and abused as a child but I have survived that and have grown up to be a thoughtful, considerate person.

I lost the person I loved but I know he is in a better place.

I loved and I lost, but at least I knew the feeling of what it is like to be in love.

Repeat these affirmations about the past until they become part of your story. These are not lies but a change in perspective.  This perspective perpetuates a fresh start.

Stop Beating Yourself about Things

Clear your head from negative thoughts. Stop being sad and sorry. Stop beating yourself about all the things you couldn’t do, opportunities you lost, things where you failed.  Focus on all the positives: Feel grateful for all the blessings, good luck, accomplishments. Pat yourself on the back on all the things you were actually able to achieve, no matter how small and significant they were. Move on and make a fresh start.

Start Making Small but Profound Changes

Change is inevitable and is the biggest reality of our lives and our world.  So don’t hang on too tight to whatever you believe is the story of your life.  The only way to change the future is to start making small but positive changes, making conscious choices in your present, regarding what you eat, how to dress, what you read, do for a living, whom you befriend, how you see money, how you pursue it, what you receive and what you give back. Every small step will positively impact and bring you closer to a better future. Add small details that can add richness, beautify the story of your life and make it more meaningful.

Life is too short to spend in negativities and regrets. Every new day is a gift: a possibility to make a start, rewrite your story afresh, anew. It’s never too late. A new story is just waiting to be re-born. I myself changed my money story from being a single, broke mother, living on welfare to a successful business woman and radio show host. So are you ready for an Abundance Breakthrough? Book a personal session with me today.