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3 Incredible Roles of Guardian Angels


It goes without saying that belief in the supernatural is something which isn’t very common these days. But those who believe let their thoughts guide them every single day. One such belief which Christianity and a few other religions teach is that of the existence of Guardian Angels – Divine beings sent on Earth to protect, guide, and make the lives of human beings better. However, even the believers have some misconceptions about the actual role which Guardian Angels play in our day-to-day lives. In this blog post, I will tell you everything you need to know about how these magnificent creatures affect our worldly journey. And if you’d like to understand and get closer to your Guardian Angel, I invite you to attend my event “Guardian Angel Myths, Legends & Personal Messages by Luci McMonagle” on September 13th. You can get tickets here.

The 3 Roles Played by Every Guardian Angel

The universe has everything planned out for every being but at times, these Angels, by the will of God, interfere to change the course of action. We avoid injuries and emotional and financial losses on a daily basis, both consciously and unconsciously. Most of the time, the latter is the case and Guardian Angels are usually behind this. We don’t even realize this but Guardian Angels impact our lives on significant levels by playing three roles. But, which ones? Let’s find out!

  • Protector

As the name suggests, the main purpose of Guardian Angels is to “guard” or protect. This protection may be offered in a number of ways but for now, I just want to focus on the physical aspects. Human beings are extremely vulnerable – so vulnerable that even a little bump on the head can end our lives immediately. The thought is scary and puts everything into perspective. For that very purpose, God created Guardian Angels to keep us from harm’s way. How is it that your children stay safe every time they leave home to go to school? How come your grandparents keep their balance while going up and down flights of stairs? How come you never crash when you are driving really fast on the highway? The simple answer is that we are saved most of the time by Guardian Angels!

This is one of the primary duties of Guardian Angels. They either protect us by taking a physical shape and interfering or by whispering thoughts that divert us towards the safer path, one where the threat doesn’t exist. In any case, it’s really beautiful and comforting to think that there is someone out there who deeply cares for us and keeps us safe.

  • Guide

Apart from physically protecting us from harm, Guardian Angels also play the role of guides in our lives. Every once in a while, we feel lost and confused, so much that we start questioning our very existence and the life we’ve lived so far. In this situation, it becomes difficult to make the important decisions in life – ones that could either make or break everything, like proposing to your significant other, making a risky business decision, choosing what career to pursue, etc. Because of the frustration, things stop making sense. In this case, Guardian Angels show us the correct path and clear all those confusions and doubts. They either guide us by implanting positive thoughts in our minds or take physical forms to come to our aid (despite being purely spiritual beings).

Guardian Angels don’t just guide us with everyday decision-making. At times, when we are thinking evil thoughts, the Angels (who want you to do the right thing, the thing that’s best for you) whisper things that stop evil thinking. That’s because they are programmed that way – the word “evil” doesn’t exist in their dictionary so they try their best to stop you from taking the wrong path.

  • Well-Wisher

Guardian Angels want what’s best for us. That’s their eternal purpose and that’s the most important role they have to play. At times, Guardian Angels are unable to protect us because of God’s will and the way the universe has planned events out. For this reason, Guardian Angels are constantly praying for us. If we have been good in our lives, they call out to God and ask Him for our protection and overall betterment. And the beautiful thing is that their prayers are extremely effective and carry weight in the eyes of God. So you should consider yourself lucky because a divine being, who you have never formally met, is your well-wisher and wants you to achieve happiness and success in life.

Remember that Guardian Angels are God’s creations. And every creation has certain limitations. It’s true that Angels have far superior powers than the souls of human beings but they too turn towards God to seek help.

An Important Thing to Remember…

People often question the existence of Guardian Angels by saying things like, “If Guardian Angels exist, then why do we get hurt, make bad decisions, and feel lost all the time?” The answer to these questions is straightforward – Guardian Angels do all they can to fulfill their duties but, ultimately, we are the ones who have to make the final decision. Guardian Angels might try to guide you to the correct path but the ultimate decision lies in your own hands! For example, a person who got injured on a hiking trip must have experienced bad feelings before they left the house. These were likely coming from their Guardian Angels but they chose to ignore them. That is on the individual entirely.

To Conclude…

In the end, I would like to advise everyone to listen to their 6th sense or gut feelings more often. At times, these feelings might be coming from your Guardian Angels trying to set your path straight and eliminate dangers from your life. In order to do that, you have got to have a little faith. And to build faith, you’ve got to live your life the way you were meant to – by tackling things as they come along and believing in a higher power.

Messages You Have Been Missing from Your Guardian Angel

Messages You Have Been Missing from Your Guardian Angel

Humans are gifted with eyes that allow us to behold the universe’s beauty in all its splendor. Yet, our vision remains limited, concealing certain phenomena and entities. Enter the spiritual realm—an invisible dimension teeming with magnificent creatures that defy imagination. These beings elude ordinary sight but can be sensed by those blessed with special gifts. Among them, your guardian angel stands out—a glorious being sent to Earth to protect and guide you throughout your life. Although unseen, they communicate with us, often surprising us with their presence.

Guardian angels play a multifaceted role beyond mere protection. As messengers, they bridge the gap between the spiritual and physical realms, delivering guidance, insights, and subtle signs. These celestial messengers communicate their presence through coins, feathers, or cloud formations and offer reassurance. It’s a beautiful reminder that we’re never truly alone on our life’s journey.

Messages from Your Guardian Angel

In this article, I’ll reveal messages we receive daily from our guardian angels—messages we often overlook due to our busy lives or limited perspective. By recognizing these signs and interpreting them, you can make wiser decisions and heed your divine partner’s advice.

1. Finding Coins in Unusual Places

Coins, mundane objects found in homes, often hide in sofa cushions, beneath beds, or within drawers. But occasionally, they appear in the oddest spots—like under pillows. While I don’t believe in tooth fairies, I firmly believe in guardian angels!

If you stumble upon a coin in an unexpected location, consider it a gift from your guardian angel. Coins symbolize exchange—the ability to acquire goods that sustain and enrich our lives. That mystery coin? It’s your angel’s way of expressing unwavering support, assuring you they’ve got your back, no matter what.

2. Noticing Shapes in the Clouds

Gazing at clouds, trying to discern shapes, seems whimsical. Yet, there’s deeper meaning here. Angels, unseen but powerful, manipulate matter—even clouds. They use this canvas to convey exciting news in advance.

Next time you look skyward and spot a cloud resembling an airplane, ship, or anything distinct, take note. Wait a few days and observe. Perhaps an unexpected vacation or opportunity awaits.

3. Finding a White Feather

White feathers—commonly left by angels—are subtle messengers. You might discover them on doorsteps, side tables, or other unexpected places. What do they signify? Hope, strong faith, protection, and reassurance. Imagine it as a friendly pat on the back or a comforting shoulder.

These ethereal feathers often appear to those grieving lost loved ones. They reassure us that our dear ones are happy, safe, and in a better place.

4. Receiving Unexpected Favors

Life’s lows visit us all. Unexpected challenges arise, leaving us disheartened. But sometimes, out of the blue, a favor arrives—a helping hand, a stroke of luck. These moments aren’t mere coincidence; they’re orchestrated by your guardian angel. Embrace them as signs that you’re not alone.

Remember, your unseen companion reaches out daily. Pay attention, and you’ll find their guidance woven into life’s fabric.