7 Signs of that You Have Toxic and Negative Energy Chords and Two Powerful Exercises to Deal With Them


We establish energy cords with other people in order to carry out our relationship or business with them with ease. We lend and share our energies in order to help one another out in times of need and further our mutual goals. When these energy cords are positive, they energize us. But when these energy cords are negative, which is often the case; they become parasitic in nature and start draining our life energy. People start taking advantage of us, manipulating our emotions, time, sympathies, and resources. Sometimes, we too become guilty of over relying on people or establishing unhealthy ties with them. Here are a few signs that can help you determine whether you have unhealthy or negative energy chords or not:

 7 Signs that You have- Toxic and Negative Energy Chords

  • The idea of interacting with certain people fills you with dread and tiredness.
  • Your energy levels feel depleted, especially when you are interacting with people.
  • You feel anxious, depressed, and drained out all the time.
  • You cannot stop thinking about a particular person.
  • You try to stalk him or her in person or on social media.
  • You have imaginary conversations with that particular person.
  • You react to what that person says either vocally or internally in an emotional manner and feel sick, angry and disturbed over your own reaction.

If you can identify with some of these situations or all then it is very necessary to cut your negative energy chords and cleanse yourself from the negative energy and aura before it starts making you feel ill or making your business fall apart.

Visualize Energy Cord Healing

This exercise will allow you to heal your energy cords and bring more positive energy and meaningfulness to your work, business, and relationship and make your life more harmonious.

  • Imagine the person who is affecting your energies.
  • Now imagine yourself in the entirety of the emotions you are feeling.
  • Visualize the energy cord between you two in a concrete shape, for example, like a rope.
  • Now imagine what this rope looks like. A negative energy cord would be frayed and weak, signifying a weakness in the aura.
  • Next, imagine that you are reweaving this rope into a stronger and thicker one.
  • Now imagine the color of this rope: A negative energy cord would be grey or ember red, signifying a disturbance in the aura.
  • Next, imagine that you are replenishing the color of this cord. So the rope slowly but gradually is turning into a bright white, silver or a golden colored one.

Do this visualization exercise repeatedly for a few weeks. If you don’t feel any improvement in your relationship then it means that you need to cut this particular energy cord for good.

Visualize Energy Cord Cutting

This step requires doing a different type of visualization. Follow all the steps given above with the exception of healing and renewing of the energy cords:

  • Once you have visualized your energy cord as a weak, frayed and grey rope, start visualizing your energy cutting instrument. It can be a scissor, a razor, a scythe, and even a sword. Remember, the energy cords in an intensely and extremely negative and unhealthy relationship require a bigger and powerful energy cutting instrument.
  • Now imagine that you are cutting your unhealthy and negative energy ties with the person in question one by one, in a definitive manner, with greater force and meaningfulness.
  • Repeat the energy cutting strokes several times in a day and then in a week, until you feel free from a harmful tie and completely healed.

Energy cord cutting may mean ending a particular toxic relationship and severing a tie until you and the other person are ready and willing to start a new and more positive relationship. This would subsequently lead to the development of a renewed energy cord.

If you feel that you are not able to handle this energy cleansing process on your own, or that your negative energy cords are far stronger and intense or severely entangled, then I, Luci McMonagle, am here to help you. As a Mystic and Energy Healer, I am helping individuals with sensitive hearts, minds, and sensibilities to take control of their business, work, relationships, and lives. A special energy healing session would enable you to get out all the negativities and barriers out of your way, so that you are able to welcome more wealth, abundance, wellness, positivity, and happiness in your life.