Getting Psychic Readings? Remember to Avoid These 5 Mistakes!

The universe is a complex creation. Even to the ordinary eye, it seems extremely fascinating, despite not being completely visible. There are mysteries, hidden facets, and realms not heard of before, the existences of which are sadly still not accepted by the masses. The universe does not reveal its true form and secrets to everyone. Only those who have the gift of mediumship and manipulation of energy can completely comprehend its hidden powers. Fortunately, others can also take advantage of this gift and get psychic readings from the gifted lot to find the answers to life’s important questions, discover their true soul purpose and seek help from the spirits on their journey!

As a psychic medium, trained energy worker, and healer, it pains me to say that psychics have always been looked at with skepticism, even during the old times when the majority of people used to believe in their powers. In today’s modern world where our lives are consumed with technology and people have become far more skeptical of the supernatural, there aren’t many psychics left, either because they lost their gifts due to the noise of the world or are too afraid to use their abilities.

Thankfully, it’s not the end. There are people in the world who still believe in the power of mediumship, are aware of the hidden aspects of the universe, and respect the supernatural. If you too happen to be one of those people and are seeking answers to questions which can’t be answered by mere logic, then I invite you to book a session with me in which I will help you get unstuck, explain to you your soul purpose, balance your chakras, and offer you some additional assistance which will help you on your life’s journey! Click here for more details.

Meanwhile, in this article, I will share with you the 5 mistakes to avoid while visiting a psychic. Read on if you are about to get your psychic readings for the first time or share it with your friends if they are inclined toward the same!

Mistake #1 – Not Knowing What to Ask

People often visit psychics thinking that they have the ability to read minds. If we did, we’d be the richest people on the planet! In order to help, psychics need some initial help or a direction, to begin with. This is why the most common mistake most people make while visiting psychics is not preparing any questions. Avoiding this mistake will not only make the whole process much faster, but it will also enable the psychic to give you the exact and accurate answer you are looking for. List down the question(s) that you want to ask or at least make a list of things that have been bothering you lately.

Mistake #2 – Not Choosing Your Psychic Wisely

Like all professions, there are frauds and incompetent people involved in psychic readings. These people are the culprits behind the bad reputation of psychics. Some people make the mistake of choosing the person they go to without doing any research first. Moreover, there has to be an instant connection between you and your psychic. People who make this mistake don’t get the right answers and are, therefore, generally dissatisfied with their experience. Therefore, I highly advise that before spending your money on a psychic, you should conduct some research about them online. Check out their reviews and ratings, try contacting them to see if it clicks, and then make your decision.

Mistake #3 – Not Keeping an Open Mind

Another common mistake that most people make is paying psychics visits while expecting certain answers. My question to those people is, if you already have the answers to your questions, then why are you even bothering to visit a psychic?

When these people receive unexpected or unanticipated answers, they tend to get defensive or even lash out at their psychics. This is a huge problem which all psychics have to deal with. So, don’t make the mistake of thinking of your own answers and remember to keep an open mind while visiting your psychic.

Mistake #4 – Not Letting the Psychic Speak

While visiting a psychic and asking questions that have been bothering them, it’s common for people to get carried away. That’s when they start speaking non-stop, not letting their psychics do their jobs and answer their questions. You have to realize that the mediumship/psychic reading process takes time and you have to be patient while waiting for an answer. Avoid talking back at the psychic or being annoyed when you don’t receive your answers immediately and give them time to reflect on your situation and use their abilities to give you what you want.

Mistake #5 – Not Showing Respect to the Psychic

There are some skeptics who seek the help of psychics every now and then. However, because of their skepticism, they tend to lose control and start disrespecting the abilities of their psychics or disagreeing with their answers to their faces. Psychics work very hard to provide you with the assistance that you seek in life and their gifts should be taken seriously. So regardless of your beliefs, be considerate and try to be respectful towards them.

Ending Note

I hope that you are now better prepared for your next meeting with a psychic! Avoid making these mistakes and I guarantee that you will find all the answers and the help you need in this world. Don’t forget to book your session with me by clicking here.

How to Get a Flawless Mediumship Reading?

The universe was kind enough to bless some of us with the ability to act as mediums between the spiritual realm and the human world. Mediums, such as myself, use their gifts to help thousands of people cope with the difficult situations in their lives. Whether they are mourning the loss of loved ones, are lost and seeking answers, or just want to look for signs to move on with their lives, those who are blessed with the gift of mediumship can be of immense help to such people. However, a medium can only act as a bridge – The fact that whether the spirits will choose to communicate or not actually depends heavily upon the person trying to contact them.

Many people view mediums with skepticism and doubt. Due to their limited perspectives, they fail to see the true potential of their abilities and label them as fraudsters. To further cement their beliefs, some even go to the lengths of actually spending money on mediums to prove themselves right. They go with negative mindsets and energies, which prevents the spirits from establishing contact with them. As a result, they are not convinced and do not find the answers to their questions.

Whether you are a person who has a firm belief in the spiritual realm or a skeptic, I request you to hear me out before approaching a medium. To actually get in touch with the spiritual world via a medium, you need to ensure a few things. This is a complicated matter, and requires something from both the medium and their client. In this blog post, I will share the 4 different things that you must take care of prior to getting a mediumship reading, to guarantee that everything goes smoothly. Without further ado, let us begin:

  • Be honest & open

The human mind, heart, and the spirit are similar to those personal diaries with small locks. If they’re locked, you won’t be able to read them at all. Similarly, if you lock everything up before going to a mediumship reading, the spirits will find it difficult to reach out to you. It may sound confusing at first, but believe me when I say that we tend to lock internal feelings and thoughts from time to time, especially when we are feeling nervous and do not want other people to know. This is something which commonly happens during mediumship readings. And the sad part is that all of the blame goes to the person doing the reading! So, on behalf of all the mediums, I request that you be honest and have an open heart and mind during your next reading.

  • Avoid consuming alcohol and other drugs

Establishing a contact with the spiritual world requires full concentration, focus, and clarity of mind. You should aim towards creating the ideal, welcoming environment for the spirits so that they can feel comfortable while establishing contact. Therefore, it is highly advised that you do not consume alcohol or any other form of intoxicating drug/substance before your mediumship reading. Your mind must be absolutely clear and free from all sorts of influences, otherwise you will have a hard time focusing and keeping up with your medium. As implied above, you can’t expect your medium to do all the hard labor for you – You too have a role to play!

  • Consume light meals before the reading

The human body is one of the most complicated machines ever created. Medical research has allowed us to understand thousands of its aspects. For example, we now know that the food we eat is digested i.e. broken down into tiny bits so that it can be used as energy and for sustenance. This procedure, in turn, requires the body to do some work. The intensity of that work depends on how “heavy” the meal was that you just consumed. Therefore, it’s easy to understand why it is advised to consume only light meals prior to a mediumship reading. If you eat a heavy meal, let’s say a large meatball sandwich or a greasy cheeseburger, right before the reading, your body will be too busy digesting that meal and as a result, will not be able to focus on connecting with the spirits.

  • Avoid meditating and praying before the reading

Meditation and praying are the two best ways to get your body’s energy flowing and your inner energy centers igniting. However, if you do that right before your mediumship reading, it could backfire and create difficulties in getting in touch with the spiritual world. The massive amount of energy could overwhelm or mask external energies from coming into contact with you, and therefore cause the reading to fail.

Ending Note

Getting a mediumship reading is all about building up and maintaining focus, and working with your medium to ensure that the reading goes absolutely flawless. You have to cooperate, be patient, and welcome energies into your mind if you want to get the answers that you seek or find freedom from the sorrows which are bothering you. Keep the 4 things discussed above in mind before you go to your medium for a session, and I guarantee that you will be impressed by the reading you will get. As always, I wish you best of luck and hope that you find all the happiness and the answers that you are looking for. This is Luci McMonagle, signing off.