How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

How To Heal Your Money Story and Transform Your Life and Business

You might have heard about the term money story and may have wondered what it’s about and whether it is relevant to you or not. Everyone has a unique money story. This story determines the direction of our careers, jobs, business and success. Understanding it has immense power and potential for mindful, conscious and spiritual female entrepreneurs. Here is why:

The Money Story and Its Importance

Our money story is based on our childhood memories about and experiences with money, primarily shaped by our parents’ perceptions, teachings and lifestyle. It can be negative and debilitating or it can be positive and enabling. Our money story forms the foundation of our relationship with money.

The Money Story and Mindsets

Our money story depends a lot on our familial mindsets, that is, the mindsets of our parents, their respective relationships with money and how it shaped their lives. It can be a scarce mindset or a scrupulous one. We usually end up inheriting our parents’ crazy money legacy and mindsets. If our parents had a negative, impoverished and stingy outlook of life, it would create a legacy of unfulfilled desires, guilt and financial worries. An unscrupulous or reckless money legacy would create a life of debts, overindulgence, meaningless opulence, dissatisfaction and depression. Here’s an elaboration of each mindset and lifestyle:

The Scarce or Impoverished Mindset

If your parents held a scarce or impoverished mindset, you might have been raised with and inherited the beliefs:

‘Money is never enough.’

‘We cannot afford this/that.’

‘We should hold on tight to every penny.’

‘It’s hard to earn a living.’

‘Money and rich people are evil.’

Consequently, your own relationship with money would be guilt-prone, worrisome, shameful and disempowering.

The Reckless, Inflated Money Mindset

If your parents had a reckless, unscrupulous or inflated money mindset, you might have been raised with and inherited the beliefs:

‘Money is coming from somewhere.’

‘We can afford everything.’

 ‘God will take care of everything.’

‘It’s alright to buy everything you like, even on credit, as long as it makes you happy.’

‘It’s fine to live in debt.’

This easy-money, debt-reliant, work-avoiding and lavish mindset ultimately leads to mindless spending bereft of happiness, a sense of meaninglessness, depression, guilt and a plunge into debts. Hence, a riches to rags crisis!

Heal Your Money Story

Embark on a healing journey with money today through these small and gradual steps:

  1. Understand What Money is: Realize that money doesn’t grow on trees and that it must not be wasted. Understand what money does. Contrary to the popular belief, money doesn’t boil down just to numbers and digits. It is about emotion and attitude, contentment, peace and happiness. That’s why some people earning relatively lesser than others may end up being more content and happier as compared to others who might be making much more but have a faulty mindset.
  2. Manifest an Abundant Mindset: Replace your impoverished or inflated mindset by manifesting an abundant mindset in order to heal it. Manifesting abundance means holding the following beliefs:

‘The Universe is conspiring to provide me whatever I need.’

‘I am financially successful and confidant.’

‘I attract clients who value me and my work and I love to work with them.’

‘I am confidant of asking for my worth and working towards it.’

By giving yourself these self-assuring, positive messages, you are opening yourself to invite the abundance that the universe is offering indiscriminately.

I believe in and am a living example of a healed money story.  I come from a broken home and was raised on hand-me-down clothes, federally funded school lunches and frequent moves. The poverty-money legacy continued and I grew up to be a single mom, dependent on welfare in my twenties. Later in life, I went on to pioneer my own business and was able to buy a car and a house within a few years. I made millions and was able to travel the world: all because I decided to rewrite my own impoverished money!

I teach individuals how to balance their spirituality, mindset and lifestyle in order to help them build their business on a solid and stable foundation. Book a complimentary session with her today.