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5 tips to start out the New Year

5 tips to start out the New Year

The best way to start off the new year is to let go of the year prior so if you have not done a closing ceremony for 2015 – there’s still time.
It’s easy to do a closing for 2015
Write out answers to these questions

  1. What was your greatest accomplishments?
  2. What areas could use improvements?
  3. What lessons and challenges did you learn and have?
  4. What marketing worked for you?

On a separate piece of paper write down
5. What do you need to journal, rant, let go of or made you feel out of whack so you feel clear?
** For #5 — crumble it or rip it up and burn it or toss it in a garbage (not at your home) – just get rid of it.
Now finish up 2015 with writing a page of gratitude – everything you were grateful for.
When done draw a large circle on a new page and place your dominant hand in it.
Breathe in and breathe out. And say this or something to this effect that makes you feel good:

  • I breathe in and am grateful for the year that has past
  • I let go and breathe out all that hinders me or that no longer serves me
  • I open myself up to inspiration, abundance and prosperity
  • I radiate divine love and light and I take in the beauty if life

So now it’s time to dream a new dream for 2016 and to create an incredible year for yourself, your world, your life, and the world.
Manifestation happens first from thoughts, when you convert your thoughts into words then you can take the appropriate actions to design your life as you desire.

The most important thing to remember is that your thoughts and words must be in alignment with your actions or you will get wonky results. Not fun at all!
To invoke 2016 write down your intentions for 2016 they can be as general such as how you want to feel or they can be crystal clear.
Then write down your “Word” for 2016…. This word can be anything.
Last year my word was “magnificent” and that was exactly the kind of year that I had. So whatever kind of year that you want to have for 2016 that is your word. I try to keep it simple and easy so that you can almost make it into a mantra.
I’d love to hear what you think about this so please drop me a message.
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