The Mystic Wealth Creator

The Mystic Wealth Creator


Money is usually considered as a taboo subject, being the elephant in the room. Women entrepreneurs have a complex, ambivalent and contradictory relationship with money and wealth. They have huge fears, insecurities, inner conflicts and stress relating to money, which affects their life, productivity and relationships. They start their businesses in order to become self-reliant and wealthy, but they feel shame in promoting their businesses and asking for their due worth. More so, they feel uncomfortable asking for their worth, charging premium rates whilst providing high quality services, lest it would make them look greedy to the client and their services would get declined. So they end up working very hard, delivering high-end services at nominal and discounted rates, and feel frustrated when they have to struggle with paying their bills and keeping their business afloat.


Is Money the Problem or Our Perceptions?

We are aware that money is a powerful element, as the person who has money exercises control, and attempts to control and manipulate others. As a result, money is seen as a power either to be coveted or as an evil to be shunned. But this is a purely materialistic view and robs us of the awareness that money is energy. All sorts of negative emotions and associations get attached with money, desire, greed, fear, guilt, envy, attachment, etc. When we draw false securities from money, we end up chasing small goals or getting stuck in jobs that help us pay the bills, but don’t help us in realizing our true potential. It stops us from pursuing our dreams and destiny. Our view of money gets dented; no matter how much money we earn, we would never consider it enough to feel happy. We consider that the purpose to have money is to be able to buy branded luxury goods, afford chic vacations, or hoard it away in banks. Either ways, we are unable to derive the kind of satisfaction that money is supposed to give.


Money As a Means of Spiritual Development

When we constantly place money above ourselves, and give it undue importance and superiority over everything in our lives, it acquires negative energy, and the ability and power to control our lives. What we fail to realize is that money is a tool that, when used correctly, can help us in our physical development as well as emotional and spiritual one. You need to realize that you and your money have a much bigger relationship dynamics with the universe.

Money can be used for your spiritual development, fulfillment and benefit. If we work to earn money solely for material and financial compensations, then we would never be able to achieve spiritual fulfillment from it. We do things to earn money but we don’t use this money to do the right things, for others and ourselves. That’s why its impact becomes limited and hence the satisfaction is short lived too. But if we use our money in the right way to do the right things, it becomes a spiritual catalyst that can make the world a better place, not just for us but also for others. We must use money to do the right things, for the right reasons. If we learn to use and distribute it in the right way, money can become a spiritual asset that can change not only our lives, but the world as well.

Attracting Wealth: a Secret Knowledge

Why does money management remain an esoteric knowledge? It is because the teachers of money manifestation understand that people are too conditioned by the society to reassess their relationship with money and see any attempt to do so with skepticism. People are deprived of this esoteric knowledge end up staying stuck in the negative cycle of love and hate with money. But there are some who are able to gain this self-awareness and enlightenment, and are able to master material as well as spiritual success. They are willing to share this esoteric knowledge with people, so as to help them free themselves from negative emotions, associations and attachments with money.

This what I aim to do, as a Mystic Wealth Creator, by empowering conscious women entrepreneurs to create businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles. I believe in the Laws of Attraction and Manifestation, as I have experienced their power in my own life.  They allowed me to break through the shackles of poverty and establish my own identity. And now, I want you to experience this too.

I want to educate, transform and empower others with laws of manifestations so they will be able to have the freedom, prosperity and wealth they desire to live life on their own terms, while making an impact in the world through creating more jobs for others and ending violence, rapes, and abuse towards woman and children. Let’s work together to make this world a better place for all of us.

Time to Get Yourself Unstuck…Financially!

The world we live in is a beautiful place. There’s nothing denying this fact. Every little pattern, every little detail, all those words of love we exchange on a day to day basis…are absolutely beautiful. But there’s also another fact that we can’t ignore or reject: This world is based on a give-and-take mechanism. It’s the one thing which separates us from the animals. You can’t snatch and fight for your food. Instead, you need to behave in a civilized way, play your role in the society, and earn your bread (or rely on someone who does.) There’s no simpler way of putting it! One of the most basic things that drive us to get out of our beds every morning, get dressed, and hustle all day long is the pursuit of wealth. Many people spend all their lives struggling to accumulate wealth, with no significant results. Money doesn’t seem to stay and slip through their fingers like water.

Don’t get me wrong – I too have grown up in a home where money was tight. I was raised to perceive wealth as something that was hard to get by or very scarce, which is why I developed a negative “money mindset.” Thankfully, later I transformed this thinking, got financially unstuck,and went on to make millions! The point is, anyone who is financially stuck can change their life around and experience a massive growth of wealth. I have been helping people in this regard with my Mystic’s Wealth Starter Program,in which I take them on a comprehensive journey of spiritual detoxification and mindset transformation, which ultimately leads to destination-money! To learn more about this program, click here.

Meanwhile, in this article, I will share with you some quick tips on getting yourself unstuck financially. Do note that these will just scratch the surface – If you truly want to control your wealth, then I highly recommend giving my program a try!

Basic Tips to Start Gaining Financial Freedom

Without further ado, let us discuss the tips, shall we?

Tip #1: Work on your money mindset.

As mentioned above, I was able to change my financial conditions after changing my mindset about money. The things a person sees, hears, and talks about during their childhood tends to stick with them throughout their life. The mindsets that they develop on different aspects of life can be extremely difficult to change. The same can happen with money. If a person was born into poverty, two things can happen later on in their life:

  1. They’d either remain living in poverty.
  2. They’d change their life around and become successful and financially strong.

Obviously, hardly anyone wants to live a life of poverty. Therefore, you need to start working on your mindset. Instead of perceiving money as a monster or something that can’t stay at one place, think of it as something that’s your right.

Tip #2: Know it within your heart that it’s all going to be okay.

While working on your money mindset, you also need to give yourself constant reassurance that you are capable of achieving any goal and that nothing is impossible. There comes a time in all of our lives when we must face and address our fears. Now is the time to address yours. After having lived a life of scarcity, it’s okay to be afraid of the thought of having to deal with a lot of money at once. To overcome this challenge, try thinking about the positive aspects of having wealth. You’d be free to do whatever you want, buy whatever you want, and above all, help those in need with the blessings which the universe has given you and make the world a better place.

Tip #3: Use positive affirmations.

Throughout my life, positive affirmations have helped me a lot in terms of solving my problems and achieving my personal and professional goals. Our souls are similar to trees. In order for a tree to grow, you need to water it every single day, care for it, and show your care. Eventually, it will sprout into a mighty structure of nature. The same is the case with your soul. You need to shower it with positive thoughts and sentences. By being consistent with your efforts and reassuring yourself that you are going to gain wealth, you will eventually achieve financial freedom.

Tip #4: Take action.

Being successful and financially strong is mostly about your mindset. But you do need to take certain actions. This means that you have to get up every single morning, step outside your comfort zone, and actually struggle to work for the money. During your struggles, it is vital to not lose heart and being consistent with your efforts. The struggle you are doing today will all be worth it, sooner or later. So, take matters in your own hands, while also working on manifesting wealth by following the tips mentioned above. It’s all about balance!


The power to change your life is in your hands. The universe can only guide you towards certain paths and provide you with the necessary tools – It is you who has to make do with whatever you have in the most efficient way possible. I assure you that just by following the simple tips discussed above, you can begin your journey to financial freedom and unlimited wealth! And to ensure that you reach your destination, don’t forget to try my Mystic’s Wealth Starter Program!