Great ways to avoid office politics

Great ways to avoid office politics


It is rather famous that offices with equal representation of women have a lot of office politics too. Well, office politics is just a sad reality of the workplace. Some level of politics prevails in all organizations. However, it is very important for women leaders to avoid office politics because it is a negative connotation and it comes in between a person and their success at work. And no one becomes a leader thinking how to bring another person down. Here are some great ways to keep women leaders away from office politics.

Be vigilant

Women leaders need to be very careful about whom they talk to and what they talk about. This is because when a person is at a prominent position, there are people in the organization who are envious of their success. People who are envious are also likely to manipulate what you say and use it against you, which is why it is very important to be careful and precise in terms of communication with others.

Make sure not to discuss anything that could be used against you and stay away from hearing negative things about anyone else too. Don’t discuss your competition within the organization and refrain from gossiping because that’s not a very good trait anyway. If you really want to vent, meet up with someone wise outside the organization and vent with them. Don’t get manipulated into hearing anything that could get you into trouble because sometimes hearing negative things about someone can also get you into mighty trouble.

Avoid discussing personal life

One of the biggest mistakes women make is that they start discussing personal life. The second you discuss your or someone’s personal life with them, you give them a right to do so too and ask you just about anything. When you are in a leadership position you should not give anyone that right. Moreover, your personal issues are supposed to stay away from work anyway and discussing them with someone at work is not going to help so it is best to avoid it completely.

Keep people at a distance

Women are generally soft and kind and therefore develop good relationships at work, which is great and one of the qualities a leader must possess. However, there is a fine line between keeping strong relationships with the workforce and bringing them so close that they stop taking you seriously. Also, always remember your position as a leader in the organization and remember it while saying anything to a member of the workforce, regardless of your relationship with him or her. The higher you are in the hierarchy of the organization, the more you are going to be manipulated.

7 Business Issues Women Leaders Must Learn about to Succeed

7 Business Issues Women Leaders Must Learn about to Succeed

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If there is one thing that keeps women from succeeding in the corporate sector, it is confidence. Generally, most women lack self-confidence. They need to realize that they can succeed if they work hard enough. Women not only require self-confidence but also need assurance that they possess leadership abilities. It has also been noted that even some of the most confident women in the workforce tend to doubt themselves when it comes down to making a big decision or a move that can bring about a revolution. Here are seven common issues that women leaders need to know of in order to become truly confident about their work and leadership potential.

Organization Development

Women leaders need knowledge pertaining to the development of an organization. A leader cannot just know of the processes that take place at the top, but also about the minor tasks that are undertook at the grass root level. It is important for women leaders to understand that organizations don’t have a single unit and single units don’t run organizations and therefore it is essential to know about all departments of an organization and how they work in coherence.

Organization Growth

Just like it is important for a women leader to know how an organization is developed, she also needs to have confidence to make the organization grow. This means, she needs to know of the areas that have the potential to grow and precisely how to tap that potential. Leaders with knowledge about organization growth tend to take their businesses way ahead of those who don’t and women leaders are no exception to the rule.

Systems Concepts

This is one area where women often lack confidence because of the general stereotype that women are weaker when it comes to technical knowledge and systems concepts. However, it is essential particularly to adapt to the changes in the economy or society that could affect the organization.

Power Issues

One of the biggest issues women have in the workforce is managing their power and knowing precisely how to use and how to exert it to get things done in different situations. It is very important for women leaders to have confidence in their power, and know when and how to use it and also learn how to gain more power. They need to know where to be lenient and where to exert their power so everything works properly.

Politics in Business

One needs to be politically correct more than anything else when it comes to business and work. This may require a change in the tone and the way things are said. In simple language it can be called being diplomatic, however, being politically correct in business has a lot to do with influencing others in a positive way.

Build Networks

Women often hesitate from connecting with people because they are generally less confident or shy and don’t understand the true potential and power of networking. However, in today’s age when women are heading organizations and leading thousands of employees at huge multinationals, it is important for women to connect with people, build networks and learn how to increase their productivity.

Look the part

Even though there is no denying the fact that your looks don’t matter and your work does but it is also important to understand that the way you carry yourself says a lot about you and influences your success at work. Hence, dress like your role. If you are heading an organization, make yourself look like you’re heading it. Dress professionally; wear heels and professional clothes. Groom your hair, develop a signature style because all of these things matter and add to your confidence.


5 Characteristics of Successful Women Leaders

5 Characteristics of Successful Women Leaders


Ever wonder why is it that one woman is stuck in the same position at her work since many years and another woman who came much later is now at a higher role? Well, leadership doesn’t come naturally to everyone but there are certain undeniable characteristics that successful women leaders possess and these characteristics help them do well at work

  1. Vision

Successful women leaders have the potential to foresee. They have vision for themselves and for the business that they are working for. Women leaders who have a tendency to succeed are setting smaller goals that help them reach their ultimate goal. These milestones are aligned with their values and goals and their vision keeps guiding them throughout the journey. A professional and personal vision is extremely important for a woman who wants to succeed at work because without this vision she will not know where to lead herself or the organization.

  1. Communication

All leaders regardless of their gender need to have great communication skills however women leaders may require communication skills a tad bit more than men because they often have to deal with awkward situations where communication is the only way out. However, being good at communication not only means to convey your own point of view but it also means to listen and understand where other people are coming from and what they are trying to say. This is because one cannot respond appropriately if they don’t truly listen to others. Leaders constantly need to understand others’ point of view and reach a conclusion; therefore, communication is a major characteristic of successful women leaders.

  1. Strength of character

A weak woman cannot become a leader and therefore every women leader needs to have immense strength of character. She needs to have an authentic self with a vision and personal values that guide her as she makes decisions for herself and her business.

  1. Emotional intelligence

While all the above-mentioned characteristics are often discussed when it comes to successful women leaders, emotional intelligence often gets ignored. However, women leaders who succeed in their professional life have a lot of emotional intelligence, which allows them to use their emotions in the right way.

  1. Relationship building

Successful women leaders also need to know how to build great personal rapport and relationships with people. This is because building and maintaining strong relationships within and outside the organization can help the business do well. A strong relationship with the workforce means a more motivated workforce because they will feel special and valued if their boss cares about them. Strong relationships outside the organization will help in getting things done and acquiring contracts, which will eventually benefit the business in the long run.