Why do you think we look for inspiration when we are trying something new? Whether it is a new baking recipe we are trying, a party dress we are shopping for, or a winning business idea we are fishing from a pool of ideas, everything requires inspiration. Therefore, it would not be wrong to say that getting inspired by someone is like an open door to pursue our dreams.

Most women take inspiration the wrong way. They think that if a business icon has achieved success in a particular business area, they can too. This is the wrong way to kick-start your venture, since your whole idea is based on something that is already available in the market. You need to come up with something that reflects your beliefs and effort.

Here are nine best advices of 2015 from single mom entrepreneurs (mompreneurs) who have made their own way into business through life lessons and challenges:

  1. Own your Status, ‘The Single Mom Status’– Angela Benton, CEO (NewME)
  2. Always Focus On What Is Positive– Natalie Angelillo, CEO & Co-founder (com& Swink Style Bar)
  3. Do Not Stick To the Toxic Influences– Lisa Stone, Co-founder (com)
  4. Give Yourself a Break– Karla Campos, Co-founder (Social Media Sass)
  5. Slay the Judgment Critic– Brook Eddy, Founder (Bhakti Chai)
  6. Include Your Family as Part of Your Inspiration– Lauren Thom, Founder (Fleurty Girl)
  7. Do Not Kick Yourself over Finding the Ideal Work-Life Balance– Nusha Pelicano, Franchisee Owner (Orange Leaf)
  8. Make the Schedules According To Your Suitability– Sherry Colbourne, Social Media Strategist
  9. Have A Positive Attitude & A Serious Drive– Melissa Kieling (PackIt Personal Cooler)

Advice from these entrepreneurs will surely help you in deciding whether you are capable of building your own empire from ground up. Inspirations are meant to lift your spirits and invest yourself in what you do.

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