Originating in Japan, Reiki is a spiritual healing procedure. The concept of our body having a certain energy, which interacts with that of the universe is widely believed in. Reiki’s basis is formed through this concept. Owing to several reasons, the energy within our body can be transformed or decreased- which ultimately not only results in spiritual problems but can also manifest physically. Some of the physical manifestations include chronic pain, fatigue and depression.

Reiki has evolved as a way to deal with the aforementioned issues. This usually works through the transfer of the universe’s energy into the person who is undergoing the session. It also allows negative energy to be released or energy blockades to be removed. The medium is the practitioner’s hands, who uses them to direct the universe’s energy into the body or vice versa. Normally, the hands are placed slightly above and not directly on the body, especially on the points which seem to be affected, such as if the person is suffering from back pains or headaches.

Does Reiki Work?

Well, the answer to that is quite complicated.

Reiki has been used as a healing technique for several conditions, which includes chronic pain, depression, fatigue, gastrointestinal disorders and anxiety disorders. Several clinical studies have shown to be efficacious, and one thing has been established: Reiki isn’t harmful, with it showing better results compared to a placebo.

This gives a certain degree of hope for practitioners and for those patients who are looking to find spiritual healing methods which actually work or who aren’t satisfied with medical therapies. The latter include cancer patients who need techniques to deal with pain and anxiety.

However, there Reiki cannot be completely accepted as a healing method.

To begin with, significant clinical research is being carried out on the topic, but the results haven’t shown it to be a definite healing technique. Another major issue which is being faced is the regulation of Reiki. As the number of practitioners increases, there is no way to ensure that everyone is performing the correct method of Reiki.

Furthermore, it is being hailed as an effective healing technique, with patients believing that they can completely disregard their medical treatments and rely on this completely. The problem with this belief is that Reiki will not get rid of most of their medical symptoms, which can even worsen their condition at times. It is important for practitioners to stay true to their art and perform the correct methods of Reiki, also encouraging their patients to make informed decisions.