The Most Undervalued Leadership Traits of Women


Exemplary team players, the women with leadership qualities seek to prove their self worth and value by exceeding the performance expectations. Demanding respect more than recognition, the successful women leaders do not pursue to become the star of the show, however, they enable their co-workers to create a great show.

In short, being in the spotlight is not something which drives them, rather it is the ability to influence others for positive outcomes with maximum impact. In the modern world, when women are leading in almost every walk of life, there are people who still think that a kitchen is the only place where they belong. Following are some of the most undervalued traits that can be seen in women leaders:

  • Opportunity driven: When confronted with a challenge, the women leaders look for the opportunity within. They believe in seeing the glass half full than half empty. They push the boundaries as hard as possible, and strive to learn from the adverse circumstances.
  • Passionate: As women leaders are stereotyped for being more emotional than men, actually, they are just passionate explorers of excellence. When they are not satisfied with the things going on around them, they will want to make the status quo better. They enjoy stability, order and a genuine sense of control.
  • Entrepreneurial: For many women, entrepreneurship is just a way of life. At times, they can be extremely resourceful, can connect the dots of opportunity really well to get the jobs done.
  • Meaningful and Purposeful: Undoubtedly, many women leaders find a delight in empowering other women. Particularly, women leaders are perfectionists and have high standards, which makes it difficult for others to cut the corners. They have a clear purpose in their life and they strive to give that purpose a meaning.