The Mystic’s Wisdom

Welcome to the Mystic’s Wisdom

In the following Video’s I give tips, strategies, practical and mystical wisdom to help you you move forward in your life and business.

If you have most of the follow signs, then you are a Mystic:
  • You’ve had paranormal experiences
  • You have a sense of being home sick, but you don’t know where this is coming from
  • You Feel like you have a mission, but don’t remember what exactly it is
  • You have always felt like an outsider
  • You may have vivid dreams
  • You have telepathic abilities
  • You have always been more wise and understanding than your age
  • You are highly intelligent, gentle, and easy going
  • You have the ability to draw people in, but may have had stalkers and so you shy away from others
  • You know you need to be more visible in your business, but feel uneasy to truly shine
  • You feel all forms of justice are important
  • You’ve may have been teased when you were younger because you were very intelliegent
  • You are very loving and caring and sometimes this has been used against you
And I can help you access your Mystical Powers to bring into the world.

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