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One of the most popular sayings in the world goes: “Moneycan’t buy happiness”. While this is definitely true, there is no denying the fact that while money might not be able to bring you eternal happiness, it can bring you a multitude of things some of which are essential to survival. There must be extremely few individuals in the world who don’t care about the monetary aspect of things. If someone suddenly received a substantial amount of wealth, the chances of them rejecting it are extremely low.

Most of us strive to gain financial independence, with our goals in life depending heavily on how much money we have available. Furthermore, as life progresses an individual’s responsibilities also increase and again, the need to have a source of money is important. There are people who are trying to manifest wealth to meet these responsibilities while there are others who are trying to do so for personal satisfaction and comfort. Regardless of the reason for doing so, manifesting wealth is a skill which everyone cannot muster immediately.

You might be doing all the things which you have been told to do through books, videos or mentors but, the results just aren’t appearing. The Law of Attraction basically states that an individual can attract abundance into their lives and this abundance isn’t just limited to wealth but encompasses love, professional gain, friendship and the list goes on.

The Law of Attraction encourages people to believe that they can attract abundance into their lives as the Universe is abundant itself and so can be used as a source. Several techniques have been developed over time such as positive affirmations or strong beliefs and the practice of manifesting wealth has increased in recent years. Sometimes, people apply the techniques and strategies but can’t seem to reach their financial goal. Why does this happen?

Believing you are undeserving

Money is a tricky thing. When you have it, you want it but if you have too much of it, you start feeling guilty.

Something that seriously hinders the manifesting process is when an individual believes that they just don’t deserve that much wealth. You may be trying to manifest wealth on the surface but on the subconscious level, you might be thinking that you shouldn’t receive the amount of money you deserve. This isunderstandable to some extent as people might feel like they aren’t putting in the required effort, compared to others who work much harder but have lesser money.

However, to truly manifest wealth, you need to move past this misconception and realize that everyone deserves the best. Also, another thing to keep in mind is that once you do receive the money that you desire, you might be able to use that for good thus benefitting others around you as well.

Shutting out the negative thoughts

One of the basic tips associated with manifesting wealth or any other abundance is remaining positive. Using affirmations and filling your mind with positive thoughts is often thought to be the key to a successful manifestation. However, you may still not be seeing the results.

This can happen when you are telling yourself what you are supposed to, but your mind is exactly listening. This happens when your negative thoughts are still swirling around in your head. How do you get rid of them though? Well, this isn’t as straightforward as it sounds because negativity can enter our lives without any effort and opposite is true when it comes to positivity but, what you need to do is to address the negative thoughts.

Don’t ignore them but dwell on them and ask yourself why these thoughts exist. Find ways to deal with the source of your negativity and your manifestation process becomes much easier.

Being impatient

When you want something, especially money, you can’t really help but be impatient. It’s human nature. However, it can prove to be significantly detrimental towards your manifestation process.

We keep on telling ourselves that the money we want is just about to reach us when in fact, it might be some time away thus making the wait difficult and frustrating. Furthermore, if you are impatient, chances are that you keep on giving up on the process and pick up where you left off when you feel motivated again. There’s no denying the strength it takes to keep the manifestation going at a steady pace but, when you keep in mind the end-result, things become much easier.

Try to remember that you have asked the Universe for some abundance so you yourself must be abundant with your patience in turn.

Vague idea of what you will do with the money

While coming into a significant amount of wealth will be welcomed by everyone, most of us aren’t exactly sure what we will do with that money.

When manifesting wealth, you must have a clear idea of what the money will be used for. Will you buy a house? A car? Or do you just want to build your savings for a rainy day? Knowing what you are expecting to do from the wealth that you desire goes a long way in the resulting success of the process.

Another thing which tends to deter the process is when people think that they need more money to carry out a specific task when in fact, they already have the money they need. If this is the case, manifesting wealth which you might already have becomes near impossible. Before you attempt the manifestation process, try to look within and figure out how you can use the money you currently have and why you feel like you may need more.

Another thing to keep in mind when talking about the Law of Attraction and its role in manifesting wealth is that sometimes, you may feel that you want your life to go in a certain direction but the signs which the Universe are pointing towards are going in another direction.

Keep your eyes, minds and hearts open to all these signs and by re-evaluating your manifestation techniques with time, you will surely manage to achieve your goals.