Not everyone is capable of generating million-dollar ideas that start pouring out money like a slot machine. In fact, it is not often that simple, to come up with a big idea or achieving the big break.

However, some people do have what it takes to start small and make it big. Here are some women who did so, and are well-known woman entrepreneurs of today.

  1.  Oprah Winfrey

She is the founder of Harpo productions, as she survived a difficult childhood and started to rise at the age of 17, after winning the title of Miss Black Tennessee and a full scholarship to Tennessee State University. She also got a post of anchor at a local TV channel within the same period. Today she is known to be the wealthiest self-made woman of her country.

  1. Martha Stewart

She owns Martha Stewart Living, a media empire providing catering and home-making ideas to all. Divorced in 1989, Martha combined her home-making and catering skills with a sharp business sense to build up her very own media empire.

  1. Mary Katherine Goddard

Then there is Mary Katherine Goddard, a publisher who courageously published the very first copy of the Declaration of Independence, when no other publisher was willing to do so. She has a reputation for using her excellent business skills in helping to change the history.

  1. Ruth Handler

The fourth most successful woman entrepreneur is Ruth Handler, the creator of Barbie Doll, for creating an unattainable feminine model for little girls all over the world. Co-founder of Mattel, Ruth created the world’s most selling doll, Barbie in 1959.

  1. Mary Kay Ash

Last but not the least is Mary Kay Ash, the owner of Mary Kay Cosmetics. Leaving a sexist workplace at the age of 45, Mary took a loan of $5,000, turning it into a business of selling beauty products, and keeping up the brand name till date.