You can have a great resume, excellent work experience and great education but you still have the chance of being denied in an interview of your dream job if you do not know the basics of going to an interview.
Following are some tips that will help you:


You must dress for success in an interview. Opt for mid-heels instead of huge heels, a perfectly tailored blouse or a mild-colored suit. You can also choose to wear a jacket paired with a sophisticated dress. Always remember, your look is your first impression and thus is extremely important in succeeding the interview.

Look serious

Do not choose to look hot by wearing your best clubbing dress; an interview is all about professionalism and seriousness and it should reflect in the way you dress.

Makeup, Hair and Accessories

Keep your makeup, hair and accessories as minimal as possible in the interview. Choose soft and light makeup, 2 pieces of accessories and a manageable hairstyle for your interview. The same goes for fragrance; keep it light and subtle.

Company Type

Companies belonging to fields such as software development and creative arts often allow casual dressing to know the personal style of the interviewee. You should know about the requirements of the company you are choosing and should dress accordingly. To be on the safe side, dress professionally and follow the conservative approach unless you are extremely sure of your personal style and are mostly commended for it.

What not to do
Shorts, cargo pants and jeans are the interview disasters and should never be considered. The same applies for sweatshirts and t-shirts. Boots, flip-flops and sneakers should also strictly remain in your closet on your interview day. Any dressing option which is too revealing or shows skin should be avoided. Also keep tattoos and piercings covered.