Career is a harsher road for women as compared to men and that is why they are often confused and in doubt about the major career decisions. Following are two pieces of advice that all working women should reflect on:  

“No” is Not the End

Research shows that majority of the women are not likely to negotiate their salary as compared to men and this unwillingness continues throughout their career. The monetary gain that men might make with a single increment in the salary might be small, but on an average they end up making $500,000 more as compared to women, according to a research conducted by General Electric Co.

It is never easy for anyone to advocate their own selves; however, women are seen to be very reluctant when it comes to negotiating their salaries.

What you should do – Do as much research as soon possible to find out how much would a man be paid if he was in your position and then form good arguments on why you deserve a higher pay. It is very important for you to believe in yourself; if you do not think that you deserve a higher pay then there is no way that you can convince other people for it. You have to get your game together, believe in yourself and defend yourself with logical facts in order to proceed ahead in your career.

Stay till You Lead

It has been seen so many times that women turn down valuable projects, jobs and other career related tasks because they are planning to be mothers. Most of these women are not even pregnant and make their career decisions based on what they are feeling and thinking to do in the future. Such emotional decisions must not be taken on a high tide of career where a lot is yet to be achieved.

At some point, women will probably have to take a leave from their job to fulfill the requirements of motherhood but that time should not arrive until they have reached their maximum career potential.