Not all entrepreneurs are alike: they are wired in a different way; they think and work differently. Some are mind-centered entrepreneurs; some are heart-centered entrepreneurs, and others soul-centered entrepreneurs or soulprenuers. Each style demands and deserves a distinct approach and business model. Recognition of our unique thinking patterns, work styles and beliefs, helps us become more grounded, happy, purposeful, and productive as women entrepreneurs. For me, women entrepreneurs can be classified in the following paradigms:

Mind-centered Entrepreneurs

These entrepreneurs focus on their minds’ power and allow it to lead their entrepreneurial destiny. They are good at assessing pros and cons in a situation, calculating the consequences of their decisions and then taking them accordingly. They constantly plan, think, strategize, and execute. They rarely execute without a business plan, PowerPoint presentation, and data comprising figures, ratios, charts, and complicated designs.  Mind-centered entrepreneurs operate in the infinite realm of ideas, information, technology, and ultimately innovation. These types of entrepreneurs are techs, investors, venture capitalists.

Tips for Success

  • Invest in learning the latest technical skills, such as book keeping, accounting, coding, web development, and programming.
  • Strike a balance between planning and execution.
  • Don’t over-think and over-rationalize. Get going and make changes on the way.
  • Test assumptions through actions.

Heart-centered Entrepreneurs

In essence and spirit, all entrepreneurs are heart-centered because they choose to follow their heart and passion, instead of sticking to a routine job. But the way I see it, heart-centered entrepreneurs as those who work in accordance with the ‘feel good factor’ in their business and actively seek bliss and not just financial independence. Also, ‘heart-centered’ is the perfect term to describe women entrepreneurs and distinguish them from their male counterparts. Those entrepreneurs who are uncomfortable with the aggressive and pushy salesman technique can identify with and feel at ease with being a heart-centered entrepreneur. Heart-centered entrepreneurs’ prime motive in being an entrepreneur is not to make money but to do good, for themselves and others. They operate from the realm of emotions instead of numbers. They are not afraid of looking vulnerable. These types of entrepreneurs are designers, writers, authors, crafters, artists, business coaches, musicians, speakers, and teachers.

Tips for Success

  • Believe in making a difference in the lives of others.
  • Focus on ways to add more value in life of your customers.
  • Delve into your customers’ fears, struggles, desires. Then tell them ways you can help them.
  • Use emotions and stories to connect with your customers.
  • Balance dreaminess and creativity with productivity, focus, and results.

Soul-centered Entrepreneurs

Soul-centered entrepreneurs are spiritual and mystic in nature. They believe in becoming connected with a higher and divine purpose beyond conventional religious tags and labels. They believe in healing, inspiring, , and changing the world through one person at a time. They put meaningfulness in their work before money. They incorporate  holistic techniques actively in their business, such as yoga, meditation,  prayers, manifestations, feng shui to reduce stress, cultivate clarity and abundance,  promote healing, joy, and happiness so as to enable their clients to achieve a breakthrough. These types of entrepreneurs are life coaches, healers, shamans, yogi, therapists, pastors, and many others.

Tips for Success

  • Live and breathe your service. Be its embodiment.
  • Carry on your business with the belief that your service has a soul and a function of higher value.
  • Focus on your own uniqueness instead of fearing the competition or copying him/her.
  • Be spiritual but in a worldly way so that everyone can connect and yet feel transcended and alleviated.

Realizing what type of an entrepreneur you are can help you set your goals successfully, tackle your individual challenges in a better way, and fulfill your destiny.  The failure to recognize your entrepreneurial paradigm creates energy blocks, lack of productivity and creativity, doubt, crisis of faith, stress, confusion, even anger.

A personal coach like Luci McMonagle can help you recognize your natural entrepreneurial paradigm and strengthen it. Luci believes that all the systems in the world won’t help your business if you don’t have the heart energy and right spiritual structure in place. She is giving a free session if you want to get an insight in yourself in order to get a better insight into your small business. Book yourself a one-on-one session now.