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In life, we form connections with people around us, which can be positive or negative. While positive connections invigorate us, negative ones drain our energy and hinder our progress. Toxic dynamics can leave us feeling depleted and disheartened. Here are seven signs that you may be entangled in negative energy cords:

1. Dread and Fatigue: When you think about certain individuals, you feel tired and anxious.

2. Depleted Energy: Interacting with others leaves you feeling drained and exhausted.

3. Persistent Malaise: You feel anxious and hopeless most of the time.

4. Obsessive Thoughts: You can’t stop thinking about a particular person.

5. Stalking Tendencies: You feel compelled to monitor their every move.

6. Imaginary Dialogues: You engage in imaginary conversations with them.

7. Emotional Reactivity: Their words evoke intense emotional responses.

If these signs resonate with you, it’s essential to sever these negative energy cords before they harm your well-being and progress. You can begin by visualizing the individual whose energy is impacting yours, embracing the emotions elicited by this connection, and envisioning the energy cord between you. You can then reweave the cord, transform its color from dull grey or ember red to luminous white, silver, or gold, suffusing it with healing energy.

Should the need for detachment arise, you can visualize the weakened, grey cord binding you to the individual and envision your chosen tool for severance. You can engage in this ritual multiple times daily until you experience the liberating sensation of freedom from harmful entanglements.

If you find this journey challenging, Luci McMonagle, a Multi-Dimensional Energy Healer, can help you reclaim control over your life. A transformative energy healing session with Luci will dissolve the barriers obstructing your path, allowing for the influx of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Embrace the power of positive energy, schedule your healing session with Luci McMonagle today, and illuminate the path to your brightest future!