Unlock the Mystical Power of Money and Transform Your Fortune

Ever wondered why some people seem to have a lot of money, while others don’t? The world wealth distribution statistics show that wealth is centered in the hands of a few, i.e., only 10% of individuals own 89% of the world’s wealth, and the rest of the population has to do with 11% of the remaining wealth. Shocking, isn’t it?

Do you know what it takes, at least statistically speaking, to move towards the privileged end of the spectrum? One needs to only have $68,800 in net assets, in order to move into the 10% privileged population. It’s true that the division of wealth is unequal and unfair; however, no one is ‘doomed’ to remain poor forever. It’s only the defeatist, negative, dented and poor mindset that makes you think like that. This mindset stems from our lack of intrinsic and esoteric knowledge about money and its nature, and our inability to understand the divine laws of money manifestation.

Money manifestation laws definitely work, at least for those who ardently believe in them, and work and live accordingly. It’s true that not many people know how to apply the money manifestation techniques into their lives, which explains the skepticism surrounding the topic. The reason behind the secrecy around money’s mystical and esoteric nature is that the ancient teachers of money manifestation law didn’t consider everyone worthy of receiving it. They chose to reveal this knowledge to a selected few, who were willing to believe in it. These laws can work for you as well, if you shed the traditional view that money is evil and start upholding and practicing the belief that money has mystical powers and it can do greater good.

Even if you grew up in a limiting, impoverished environment, you can choose to change the situation of your life by changing your thoughts and taking actions accordingly. The truth is that by working intelligently and persistently in the direction of your passion, you CAN move towards the other end of the spectrum, i.e., the ‘money privileged’ lot. More importantly, you can become a harbinger of change and a beacon of hope for others who are less privileged. Through your newly manifested money consciousness, you can create philanthropic businesses and make a positive impact in the world.

Money is energy and the fear around money creates negative energy. It saps your energy, passion, creativity, and the will to change your circumstances. Thus, our fears and the ‘poverty consciousness’ obstruct the free flow of money and wealth in our lives. These fears are not that pronounced; they are hidden in our subconscious mind and are expressed through our thoughts, words and body language. For example, the mere mentioning of the word “bills” or “bank statement” sends us to a panic mode and makes us feel conscious, vulnerable, worried, quarrelsome and underprivileged.

Does this describe your money situation as well? If you want money manifestation laws to work, you have to change this mindset. One surefire way to tackle your money related fears is to confront them. The minute you start writing about them or talking about them to a trusted friend, the voice in your mind instantly quiets down and allows the rational thoughts to take over.

Try this! I am inviting you to make a short, candid and authentic video of yourself, a monologue where you candidly talk out your biggest money-related fears. Nothing artsy or fancy; no need to sell or prove anything to anyone. Just talk about the ways money and its lack makes you feel vulnerable. After you have made this video, email it to me and receive guidance regarding how to tackle your money demons.

This blog article is just the tip of the iceberg. If you really, really want to master money manifestation skills, you have to understand its mystical nature. As a Mystic Wealth Creator, I have more insights to share; something that can be of help and a gift that would help you unlock the mystical nature of money through powerful exercises. This resource is FREE of cost! So, go ahead Magical Money Manifestation book Right NOW!