Unravel the Secret Knowledge of Money and Liberate Yourself from Your Financial Rut

Curiously enough, everyone is looking for ways to make more and more money but no one understands the true nature of money. This lack of consciousness distorts our view of the bigger picture and makes us miss the point of why we need money in our lives and how it can be done. Many women entrepreneurs start working on their own because they are tired of being stuck in a financial rut and want more money, and yet they keep chasing elusive clients, struggle to pay their bills, feed their family, and keep their small businesses barely afloat. They sometimes wonder, “If so and so is doing it so successfully, why am I struggling so much? What is it that I am doing wrong?” I too struggled with the same questions until I was able to finally understand the secret behind wealth; the esoteric knowledge related to money, and the laws to attract wealth and prosperity into my life. This knowledge and enlightenment was phenomenally life changing for me.

Money and wealth have always been part of ancient religions, mythology, and history of the world. All religions have assigned specific gods, goddesses and deities to money, wealth, and prosperity: the Hindu goddess of wealth is called Lakshmi, the Roman goddess of abundance, prosperity and good fortune was called Abundantia, the Greek god of riches was called Hermes, and the African goddesses of love, pleasure, diplomacy and money were called Oshun and Yoruba. Furthermore, the ancient city of Babylon was one the richest and prosperous cities in the ancient time. Why so? Because its inhabitants had sound knowledge of wealth and exhibited prudent financial behaviors when it came to dealing with money, which proves that moneymaking is a knowledge that can be learnt.

But then at the same time, why have we always been taught by our religion, ancestors and parents that money is evil, and that wanting money is bad. See the irony? The truth is that money is neutral; its extrinsic use makes it good or bad.  Just like you fight fire with fire, you fight money with money by putting it to good use, helping yourself with money and helping others, creating meaningful enterprises and philanthropic businesses, and backing up causes close to your heart. However, in order to fulfill these purposes you have to understand the intrinsic nature of money, learn its secrets, language and knowledge.

By learning the secret knowledge of money, you will be able to raise your consciousness surrounding money, as well as raising your energy levels and your divine power. You will become magnetic to people and purposes. You will slowly and gradually begin to attract an equally positive response from the universe, in the form of attracting the right people, opportunities, and abundant money into your life.

It’s my passion to empower more and more women become financially independent, live beyond the 9 to 5 grind, achieve the six-figure income goals, through creating philanthropic businesses, fueled by their passions that they are proud of. As a Mystic Wealth Creator, I have had a phenomenal journey and can proudly say that I have come a long way in transforming my own relationship with money, and I would like to help you do the same.

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If you are facing similar struggles with money, then I would love to hear from you because I want to make sure that I am covering all the topics that are relevant to your life as a woman entrepreneur and the problems that you are facing. I want to make sure that they are helpful in changing and improving your entrepreneurial and money mindset in a meaningful way. Connect with me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Just type in my name in the search and connect with me.

So my question for you is:

When it comes to money and your relationship with it, what is the most immediate, profound concern that you are facing? Something that makes you feel scared or vulnerable?

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