There is always that ONE major question in your mind when you are planning to start a new business, or a new product, or have a new idea that is pushing you on starting a new entrepreneurial journey.

That one question is ‘how do I ensure that my product/business/service/offering will be a success?’ That’s it. This is the major question that is ingrained in your senses and consumes you so much that you sacrifice your sleep for a long time to get to the root of it.

Well, since there’s a lot of “spam” content on the internet, I know what you are thinking. Just to give you a heads up, I’ll tell you something that will immediately “up” your score in your consumers’ minds as soon as you employ it. I call it the “Before and after State”, weird, I know, but please read on.

The BEFORE State

Let’s say you are a woman entrepreneur who sells wedding supplies and bridal wear. When a new bride-to-be, say Mary, accompanies her mother to your shop, she is in what we call the BEFORE State. Her Before state comprises of negative emotions mostly, such as, Tension, Alarm, Worry, Desperation, all inclined towards her desire to have that perfect dream wedding without any possible disasters. After she shops from you, her Before start is going to be converted to her After state.

The AFTER State

After she buys whatever she needed from you, her before state immediately shifts to become her after state. That is, before shopping from you was tensed just because she was in a dire need of the things she lacked. Now that she has everything, she is going to experience relatively positive emotions such as calmness, satisfaction, relaxation, etc. since she now has things she needs for a successful wedding.


So what is the key to keep Mary coming back to you for her sisters’ wedding, or suppose her daughters’, or her bridesmaids coming to you when it is THEIR turn to get married? How do you create that hype that makes your product stand out from the crowd? Simple, the key is to INCREASE the difference between the Before and After states. What I am trying to tell you, is, that the more your product satisfies your consumer and stands out, the more Happier, Ecstatic, and Loyal your customer will be. Which means by offering a greater value to your customer, you have uplifted their positive (AFTER) emotions, thus increasing the distance between the two states.

The greater this distance between the Before and After states, the higher the probability of retaining your customers, gaining on the market share, increasing sales and profits, and earning better with every product offering.

HOW do you do this? It depends on your willingness to learn better ways of increasing your customers’ value and satisfaction. Here a coach can help you a great deal! Being a coach myself, I have launched the ‘Make Money Now’ Boot Camp that gets to the root of creating thoughts and words create actions that make us wealthy.

Now that you know the secret to gaining more customers and achieving abundance, it is time to start taking action!