As women entrepreneurs, we don’t realize that self-care, pleasure, and health are very important manifestation tools for our business. A healthy woman has the energy to take charge of her own life and her business, accomplish her goals, and attend to her clients’ needs, without having to neglect her family or her own health. She has the capacity make her mark on the world and transform it for the better. Our monthly cycles play a great role in maintaining our health and wellbeing and shaping and asserting our femininity in whatever we do in life. I recently invited Barbara Hanneloré, the writer of the book titled The Moon and You, on my Wealthy Wednesday show to help us understand what role our deeply interlinked lunar and lunar cycle  play in our creative and spiritual life and how today’s spiritually conscious and evolved creative women entrepreneurs can use the understanding of  their monthly cycles as a creativity and spirituality manifestation tool and not as an impediment. These are the tips we highly recommend for harnessing, cleansing, and replenishing your inner and outer energy reservoirs:

Follow the Lunar Cycles Rather than the Solar One

Most of the women are lunar in nature and are sensitive to the waxing and waning of the moon and the effects of the tides, light and shadow. Our biorhythms, circadian rhythms, and emotions are synchronized with the lunar cycle instead of the solar ones. This explains why creative women entrepreneurs experience periods of intense creativity followed by mental and physical stagnation.  Once you learn to synchronize your inner rhythm with nature’s pace, you would be able to tap into your inner sacred space, tap into your inner creativity and spirituality. Creative artists can use the lunar phase to manifest high creative and spiritual powers and expressions and respond to their work with a renewed zeal, creative and emotive energy.

Synchronize Your Inner Rhythm with Nature’s Pace 

Women who are yoga specialists, busy moms, business women, holistic practitioners, performing artists, athletes, coaches and trainers happen to get affected by the monthly cycles.  Still, in our culture, the menstrual cycle remains a mystery, an understated factor in our work and relationships. Barbara Hanneloré explains that your body undergoes its own seasons each month: your premenstrual time is like an autumn, the menses period is like your body’s winter, which is followed by a spring. That’s why once you are done with your monthly cycle, you would feel cleansed, reenergized and rejuvenated. Rather than viewing your monthly cycles as a nuisance or disruption standing in the way of your busy and productive schedule, see it as a manifestation tool that would help you renew and rejuvenate your creative and spiritual energies. One way is to use your menstrual cycle as a time to incubate and nurture ideas and execute the physically and emotionally demanding work for your ovulation period.

Make Self-care a Priority

Women who are disconnected from the body and self usually end up losing the sight of their goals and passion, disrupting their relationships and exhausting themselves too early in their business. I learnt this lesson the hard way when after working very hard in the healthcare industry as a chief executive director for 20+ years; I ended up losing my health, my marriage, and life savings in the end. We tend to think that it’s ok to pay any cost for success and we end up exhausting ourselves and our resources while gaining very little or nothing in exchange. What conscious women entrepreneurs do is that they take care of themselves first in order to be able to take better care of their business.  I always say that taking better care of your body and emotions is like coming back home to your body and to self. Respect your body; consider your inner space like a sacred temple; and see it return the favor in terms of giving you greater creative energy and vitality.

Slow Down and Recharge Yourself

Today’s business world is filled with increased stress and demands; while we are already carrying so much stress being a daughter, mom, spouse, managing a household along with our business.  Ours is a ‘power through’ fixated culture, according to Barbara Hanneloré. There is a rush to do everything and get it done with. This demand for productivity, to be ever present and available, always be visible, be in a super charged mode put so much put pressure on us, our body, energy, soul, and creativity. Unlike men, women respond far more negatively to stress and end up retaining it in their body and central nervous system. Stress tends to disrupt our hormones, menstrual cycles, libido, causes anxiety, depression, insomnia, digestive issues and hair and skin problems. All these issues in turn stop them from performing their very best in their life and in their businesses. That’s why Barbara Hanneloré recommends that women should allow themselves to be become quieter, meditative, and attentive during ‘that time of the month’ and should try to ‘go with the flow’; listen more and talk less; meditate more and think less. One way to do so is that instead of overcrowding your schedule; just do the necessary stuff, so that you can concentrate on them properly and singularly and get the best outcome.

Our menstrual cycles are a force that deserves to be truly revered, protected and celebrated. Our inner wellbeing and outer success depend on how well we connect with and respond to our body’s menstrual rhythms and nature’s forces such as the lunar cycle, rather than trying to go against them.

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