Use the Power of Language to Leverage Your Business


We all know what language is i.e., the medium which we use to communicate to others. But do we truly understand the potential language holds for entrepreneurs, especially women entrepreneurs?  Language is not just a combination of words formulated into sentences; it is a reflection of innermost dreams, desires, thoughts, ambitions and even fears. Language is what helps us attract customers or repel them, retain them or lose them permanently. How you use language to communicate with your prospects and clients play an important part in the success or failure of your business. Our language plays an important role in neuromarketing our business to our prospective clients. Here is how you can use the power of language to leverage your business:

Use Positive Language Always

Our language mirrors our inner selves: thoughts, beliefs, dreams, desires, even fears. It either creates a desirable or an undesirable impact. If our mindset is negative and limited, it would get reflected in our language. That’s why we should be careful and mindful in the words we choose to communicate with our clients. Positive words create positive, reassuring impressions; likewise, negative words create fear, doubt, and even anger and disgust. These can be bland words like This, That, Try, Maybe, Might, Not Possible, etc. So when you are communicating with clients, try to use simple, direct, captivating, visual and powerful words in your verbal and oral communication. For instance, use the following words:







Use Language to Tell Stories

Research, figures, statistics, powerpoint presentations are all essentially good tools to project data to your clients. But the problem is that they are bereft of emotions. On the other hand, personal stories and anecdotes are what engage customers at a deeper and emotional level. Stories help them align their existing vision and values with the new possibilities, newer choices, and potential outcomes your service can offer them. Data helps them understand the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of things but stories and personal anecdotes explain to them the ‘why’ part of availing your service. It can help entrepreneurs create connection and empathy with their clients.  Data convinces but it’s ultimately the emotions that help in selling a service to clients and keep them coming for more. As a motivational speaker, I often use the power of engaging and humorous narratives and personal stories to connect with my clients.

Use Communication Tools Creatively

Gone are the days when business communication tools comprised merely of word of mouth, business letter, phone or fax. With emails, newsletters, blog post, videos, tweet, facebook status, podcasts, text messages, the means of reaching your customers have not only multiplied but they have also become instantaneous, and more intimate and personal. So make sure that you are:

  • Making optimal use of all these platforms to reach out to your customers.
  • Making your communication mediums reflect the true image and voice of your business.
  • Getting back to clients quickly and promptly.
  • Replying to clients in a personalized and personal way.

I am Luci McMonagle, a business trainer and coach to ambitious female entrepreneurs. I thoroughly believe that knowledge of languaging would help women create powerful and positive thoughts and actions that lead to Abundant wealth and Abundant blessings. Languaging is a term coined by Swain (1985) and defines the cognitive process of making meaning and shaping of knowledge and experience through language. Intrigued? Want to learn the art of languaging to unlock your share of abundance?  Book a free session with me today!