The decision to build integrity takes you a long way; it not only helps in your day to day affairs but in business dealings as well. Integrity forms the bases of trust and you need trust to lead. Integrity is the kind of building block of character that would help you survive all sort of crisis that you may experience during the course of your business.   

Here are some ways which can help you build integrity in yourself:

Be Honest: When you are not able to deliver your commitments on time then just tell your clients. They will understand that life is not hunky dory for everyone and there is likelihood that they will appreciate your truthfulness.

Make Promises Only When You Can Fulfill Them: Do not make false promises when you know that you will not be able to keep them. You will be regarded as irresponsible and you might lose your customer base if you are consistently letting our customer down.

Make Proper Rules And Regulations: A business place where employees are given full freedom is also not something that is right. Make rules and regulations and make sure that everyone working under follows them no matter what. It is important to create a small handbook that will act as a guideline to you and everyone you work with. This ensures a smoother operation.

Care for Others: Rather than just delivering the product or service go beyond it. Try to build healthy relationships with your customers if it’s a small business. Try to show concern and find solutions to your problems. This will take you a long way. Customers need to have a know, like and trust factor. Once your earn this you have them referring you to their friends and family.

Be Accountable for Your Actions: We are all human beings and at the end of the day we are bound to make mistakes. If you have taken a one false step, then move forward and admit your mistake rather than hiding it or letting it go.