Unlock Your Creativity to Access Your Inner Millionaire

with the

3 top reasons you don’t have the Wealth you desire

  • You are unable to tap into your wealth potential, because there is way too much stress in your life! And you don’t take the time to be creative.
  • Most are cut off their stream of wealth consciousness, which inhibits your stream of wealth because you are always keeping running in circles keeping yourself busy.
  • You are out of alignment with your soul purpose. You are not laser focused on ways to monetize your soul purpose and you haven’t taken the time to do crafty stuff.

Discover the Hidden Secects that activatates Your

Creativity and Your Wealth Mojo Instruction!

When you understand the true power of manifestation and how creativity is the main key to activating your wealth, then you will be able to create with fun and inspiration.

This means once you start to tap into your creativity, have fun making a wealth pouch and learn the basic techniques to becoming a money manifestor, you start to become irresistible to money and opportunities.

Just Imagine..

You are NOW successfully ACTIVATED to Your Wealth Mojo because you followed the instructions to create your own wealth pouch.

What amazing things would you do?

How would this change your life?

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Author of Magical Money Manifestation

“The Spiritual Teacher & Mystic Wealth Mentor for Conscious Entrepreneurs”

I am Luci McMonagle and I am an Energy Worker, Speaker, Author, and the host of the highly acclaimed Wealthy Wednesday talk show. As a Spiritual Leader & Mystic Wealth Mentor, I am an advocate for your Guardian Angel. Through my mediumship abilities, I channel your personal Guardian Angel for your success. I also help you access your soul’s purpose and bridge your soul’s mission with it.

What do I do?

I am a pure and natural channel to the higher realms. I guide, empower, and uplift individuals with my powerful messages from Guardian Angels and Guides. Moreover, I am highly sought-after for my abilities to bridge the Spiritual with the Practical, effortlessly and effectively.

“Creating businesses that create wealth and making an impact using proven manifestation principles.”

Read what our clients think about Luci…

Throughout her journey, Luci McMonagle has helped many people mend their relationships with money.

“Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader that has helped me and others move forward during their times of turmoil. Of the 5 years I have known her, I have attended many of her life changing events that she has created and hosted. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend her.“

~Nick Meyer

Albuquerque, NM


“Luci McMonagle provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.“

~Marisa Molina


Marisa Molina

“No matter where someone is in their relationship with money, trust me when I say that what Luci McMonagle has to offer is of the utmost importance. What Luci does should be done, or taught, in school.“

~E.J. Katigbak

CEO & Founder, Company Ltd.