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Reiki is a spiritual healing method, often employed to transform or increase a person’s internal energy- thus dealing with issues which may be affected by an imbalance in their energy. Spiritual practices such as this one are becoming increasingly common, with people believing strongly in the impact it can have on their mental and physical health. Furthermore, many people don’t want to rely completely on traditional medical therapies, they want to have an additional complementary methods to manage their care. Reiki helps one go into a deep state of relaxation which is known to help one recover quicker.

Conditions Through Reiki

Reiki is being used for several conditions with promising results. Reiki are healing techniques used in conjunction with traditional medical treatments, it has been known to help with some of the following conditions.

Anxiety and depressive disorders while being treated with traditional medicine have been showing positive results.

Cancer patients are also being encouraged to start using Reiki with their regular treatment plan from a professional as a means of dealing with their chronic pain, anxiety and stress related to their condition- which is again showing promise. For cancer patients, many are unable to achieve complete recovery, and so practitioners often aim to make their life as comfortable as possible and prolong life as much as possible.

Gastrointestinal disorders such as Crohn’s disease, often associated with anxiety disorders and has shown promising results when combining traditional treatments with Reiki. Heart patients also make a good candidate, as they also face anxiety and stress, which can exacerbate their condition, or can be considered a risk factor at times as well.

Chronic pain is often a debilitating condition in its own right- regardless of what is leading to its chronicity. Patients often feel frustrated and are also unable to live a normal life, which adds to their disability. Reiki is being advocated as a possible method which can counter chronic pain to a great extent- with further research needed to confirm its impact.

With all conditions it is important to understand that traditional professional medical treatment is necessary and using Reiki or any other energetic healing modality is to be used to complement.

How Does Reiki Work?

The concept behind Reiki is to work with a person’s energy and normally, it induces a deep state of relaxation. This relaxation helps the body heal quicker as it has less stress and anxiety.

The stress and anxiety in the human body can lead to numerous conditions, some of which are already mentioned above. Furthermore, a condition of stress can easily worsen medical conditions. This concept forms the basis of the usage of Reiki as an adjunct to medical therapies. It is important to realize that Reiki can only be used as an adjunct and not as an alternative to medical treatment, something which many patients and even practitioners don’t realize.