You might have come across people (mostly men) who take ‘being-mom’ job very lightly compared to their role of running a business. Feel bad for them because they are totally oblivious of a mom’s superpowers.

There was a time when a woman’s life was considered to be over as soon as she gave birth to her first child because between changing nappies, breastfeeding, running around the home and daily house chores, where on earth would she find time to work or to run a business of her own?

However, the present world has seen rise of many successful Mompreneurs who have proved themselves to be a pro at running a business just like any other entrepreneur. Melinda Gates, Oprah Winfrey, Sofia Vergara, Wu Jayun, Kathy Savitt, have inspired millions of moms around the world.

Here are three qualities that moms have that can help them become successful entrepreneurs:

Not stressed under stressful situations

Take it from any mother; she knows how to laugh in the face of stress. There have been countless times when all three or four of your kids need you, at the same time; that too when you are in middle of something important. It’s no coincidence that moms manage to save the day, every day. Entrepreneurs have to work under stressful situations and that is where being a mom becomes handy.

Swallowing the Ego

Entrepreneurs are blamed to be egoistic. This is because their business is like a child to them, any advice or opinion coming from outside is not welcomed or appreciated. Eventually, this becomes a barrier to success. Moms are no different from entrepreneurs when it comes to their kids.

However, they understand that there are times when they can be wrong and sometimes letting their kids win over an argument is good for them in the longrun.

Selling Like a Pro

One of the challenging tasks for entrepreneurs is to sell their business idea to investors to meet their financial needs. But convincing your 5 year-old stubborn daughter to have a spoon of that carrot soup is not less challenging by any means. Moms develop brilliant selling skills raising their kids.

Above all, kids are a constant source of inspiration for mothers. Their annoying ‘whys’ and ‘hows’ have given many moms unique ideas to start their own businesses.