Shopping cart is rightly said to be the backbone of any online business. With online conversions and transactions paving their way in to the market, online business have recognized the importance of shopping cart for online stores even more.

Shopping cart software provides immense assistance with transactions but it’s not just limited to being a payment gateway service. It provides many other tools to keep your business running like back end marketing, discount or sale coupons, up-selling, creating wish-lists, user ratings or reviews customer management, webpage design, inventory control and marketing assistance. Tax and shipping calculators are also a part of it. They can calculate the shipping costs and tax for customers on the basis of their location.

Let’s take a look at other features that shopping cart offers that can maximize your sales.


The best of shopping carts will give you high level of security giving both online shoppers and business owners a peace of mind because they know their debit and credit card information is not going to get stolen. Encryption and payment gateways are key security features used for all transfer of information.


Shopping cart software is known for organizing the information for all successful transaction which guarantees smooth transaction. The employer is able to deliver customer’s orders. Without shopping cart it will be a huge hassle for business owners to manage clients and the number of orders that they make. You are able to save a lot of time by letting the software do your task.  How much better can it get! Besides who will know the importance of time more than a business owner?

 SEO friendly carts

Search engine optimization (SEO) plays a key role in any online store. The best shopping cart creates keyword URLs for the business site’s products and services which ensures maximum SEO Juice following into the site.

Gives product reviews and ratings

These days people will always read reviews before buying any product. Reviews left by your previous customers hold more importance than any of you marketing strategies. According to a survey internet shoppers are more likely to buy from an e-commerce store that also contains ratings and reviews of the products they have already sold. This kind of feedback from customers is more likely to increase your sales.

Keeps a check on business performance

A shopping cart also provides features like over all simplified business management and concise catalog management which produce a number of reports which helps to monitor sale, provide improved customer service and manage finances better.

If you ignore any of these features then you are immensely decreasing your chances of changing traffic into sales. It is very clear with ecommerce shopping cart, online business owners can remove all the obstacles that come in the way between online customers and growth of online business. So don’t leave any stone unturned!