Witness Your Business and Sales Soar by Revolutionizing Your Sales Mindset!

Many bright and passionate women entrepreneurs from a non-sales background find selling their services to prospective clients the toughest nut to crack. They are bound by their traditional sales mindsets that don’t let them see past the initial hurdles and challenges. A business cannot survive without robust, agile sales figures. So principally, you need to overcome common fears and misperceptions about sales and work on your limiting sales mindsets, if you want your new business to stay around the next year and see some serious profit rolling in. Here are 4 negative mindsets about sales that need to be replaced with positive ones:

‘I am a Pushy Salesman!’ – The Traditional Mindset

This traditional mindset is based on the popular and prevalent belief that people, who are selling their stuff, happen to be pushy, sleazy, snake oil selling hucksters that are not to be trusted and avoided at all costs. When we approach a prospective client, we carry this traditional belief, mindset and shame with us, which makes us lose our confidence in our business and skills.  We feel that we have an agenda and the subsequent shame and guilt sabotage the sales call.

‘I am What the Client Needs!’ The Revolutionized Mindset

Instead of considering yourself as a person selling a product or a service, see yourself as someone who holds the key to the client’s urgent and profound problems or their deepest and maybe unrealized needs. They have a problem, they have a need, and they need someone to help them out. This person could be you! But you need to make them realize the relevance, worth and value of your service. Researching your prospect has its value, but ultimately, a sales call is what would help you find out whether a good fit exists between your service and your client’s needs or not.

‘I Have to Make a Sales Call and Get it Over With!’- The Traditional Mindset

Most of us consider calling a prospective client as an obligation, eating a frog i.e., we must make a sales call to make the client know about us and to hopefully buy from us. The obligatory and unpleasant nature of this task makes us give it either a low priority, or get it out of the way quickly. Our hurried and vexed state of mind doesn’t allow us to develop the call into a conversation, and allows it to end without a result!

‘It’s an Exploratory Conversation!’- The Revolutionized Mindset

Let me ask you: Do you feel tense or nervous when approaching or talking to a guest at a party? Hardly! You are at ease, relaxed, hoping to learn something new about the person, wanting to get to know him or her better. Once you begin to see the sales conversation in the same light and treat it in the same way, you will begin to feel more relaxed and even curious.

‘If I Fail to Sell, I am a Failure’ – The Traditional Mindset

There is a lot of anxiety, fear, and vulnerability lurking in the background of a sales call in a traditional mindset. One sees it as an absolute make or break deal. This way we end up letting too much ride on a sales call: our ego, self-esteem, success and failure. Inevitably, the pressure gets to us and each call that fails to convert into a sale drags us down into an abyss of panic and sense of failure and rejection. Customers and investors can smell fear and lack of conviction from a mile.

‘Every Sales Call Brings Me Information and Value!’ – The Revolutionized Mindset

You are your first client; if you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will. Failure and success are black and white terms, and selling is a grey area. Only in an ideal world, every sale call would lead to conversion. Even if you are not able to sell to a prospect immediately, you are still able to learn more about the client, their concerns and problems, and even about your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. This valuable insight can help you refine your list and offering, allowing you to get back to the prospect with a customized and better service to offer.

The bottom line is simple: if you continue to hold on to your self-limiting, negative beliefs and mindset, then your business, sales, and income will continue to suffer.

I am Luci McMonagle, a Miracle and Abundance coach and Mystic Wealth creator. I help conscious women entrepreneurs break free from their self-limiting beliefs, work on their confidence, and use their skills and passion to generate more income and attract wealth in abundance. I have special tips, resources, strategies, meditations and exercises for conscious women entrepreneurs to make selling easy, result yielding and pleasurable.  Check out my training calendar and book a personalized, free session with me today!