change thinking fluency

In this moment your life is changing. Your decision to search for something more for a deeper meaning and your desire to want more – is in fact changing your life in the most wonderful ways.

Have you ever had that feeling that gnawing feeling that there is something beneath the surface? Have you ever laid awake at night feeling you’re so afraid of change and that you wanted this feeling to go away. You don’t want to change. You don’t want things to be different. You justify that you are really not unhappy about your circumstances but you really don’t feel inspired. You really can’t quite figure out why you have this feeling. You sense that there’s something wrong but in all appearances you can’t see anything that’s wrong. You don’t really think that you like should be different but you still have that feeling.

And after a while you finally get some relief because that “feeling” finally goes away. That is, well for a little while anyway. Then it seems to come back stronger and more persistent than the last time. It keeps happening over and over you feel love this this is like ocean waves slow motion. The feeling comes you feel overwhelmed as if you’re drowning in the waters of the wave then it subsides goes back you can catch your breath then it comes back to get even stronger more powerful than it was before.

I want you to know that it’s okay. I want you to understand that this is your true essence coming to the surface. And we have been so well program to ignore this. We have been trained to be afraid I’m trying new things, of dreaming too big, your parents will help look at that person they dreamed too big and how disappointed they failed. The thing you fear the most is failure. I think you have to understand is that they’re truly is no failure. Are you might go on or you might decide halfway through it that this is what you really want. I’m giving you permission to understand that it’s alright. And if somebody tells you that you’re wasting your time; you seriously need to ask yourself wasting your time according to what? You seriously need to tell that person that it’s your choice what you do with your time and your energy. Move away from those kind of people they will be your energy drainers and they will suck you dry jealousy and envy.

Look at it from the perspective of what have I learned and how can I use this to create the dreams that I really want.

Have you considered living your life as an adventurer of experience? Now there’s going to be things don’t work out the way you had expected them or plan. But there’s also going to be things that worked out far more beautifully thing you could have ever imagined and you’ll be happier with them then you would have been you receive exactly what you want it. You would receive something better and more harmonious then if you want the other route.

Take about half an hour and start writing down a couple of the things that didn’t work out how you wanted them to work out. Now with an open mind ask yourself did something better come out if this? What did I learn from this? How am I using this knowledge to create something better or how has this improved for me.

It’s very important right now for you to understand that sometimes your expectations are so narrowly defined that you have decided that you have a negative experience because things didn’t turn out the way you wanted them to turn out. And so you’re completely focused on that negativity and you’re completely focused on well I must be a failure because it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it to turn out. Mindset will sabotage your ability to become successful. And it’s very clever you have to be careful about making expectations are so narrow that you can’t see the beauty of what’s really going on.

I have noticed that the people who have life that they truly do not enjoy or even like focused on things are really irrelevant. Some people focus on their bodily aches and pains. All of us have pains and aches from our bodies but the key is managing our mind set is using this as a motivating factor rather than as a deterrent to move forward in life.

Keep in mind that which you perceive is not necessarily that which is real or that’s what really is going on. Ask yourself to start seeing the larger picture than what you currently see because you probably have been trained to have blinders on and you only see a very small percentage of what’s truly happening.