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Luci McMonagle?


Luci is a natural born Mystic, Spiritual Psychic, Healer and Mentor.  She has been trained in the spiritual arts through the Mystery School Trainings at the Inner Peace Foundation. She’s an Ordained Spiritualist and has been giving spirit messages for over 25 years. Luci specializes in explaining to you how your soul purpose is always expressing itself and for the recently awakened, she mentors those on how to use their spiritual energy and gifts and teaching you how to energetically protect yourself.


* Whether you have a complex problem that you need guidance or would like to know how the energy reads for certain directions you are taking for career, love or finance, Luci will help you.


All of this can be done via the Phone in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. Or Internationally using Zoom Conference Calling.



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Author of

“Magical Money Manifestation”

I am Luci McMonagle, #1 Best Selling Author of Magical Money Manifestations and Co-Author in several other books. I’m a Mystic, Psychic Medium, Master Energy Worker and Healer. Through my mediumship abilities, I channel spiritual guides to help you. I’m passionate about collaboration and connecting so If I’m not the right fit for you, then if I have a referral, I will give you that.

What do I do?

I read tarot and use my psychic abilities to answer your questions.

My speciality is reading energy and being able to tell you where you are heading.

I am a Master Energy Worker and Healer. I can balance your energy centers, open portals, show you how to use your natural gifts and I teach Spiritual Protection and Warfare to keep unsavory spirits from messing with your life.

I also will help you get out of the funk you are in.

Give you suggested next step to take.

Help you gain clarity.

I will be gentle in telling you what you need to hear, not necessarily what you want to hear. Honesty with compassion.

Read what our clients think about Luci…

Throughout her journey, Luci McMonagle has helped many people mend their relationships with money.

“Luci McMonagle provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.“

~Marisa Molina

Marisa Molina

“Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader that has helped me and others move forward during their times of turmoil. Of the 5 years I have known her, I have attended many of her life changing events that she has created and hosted. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend her.“

~Nick Meyer

Albuquerque, NM


“No matter where someone is in their relationship with money, trust me when I say that what Luci McMonagle has to offer is of the utmost importance. What Luci does should be done, or taught, in school.“

~E.J. Katigbak

CEO & Founder, Company Ltd.


“I have worked with many intuitive’s for over 30 years for assistance to my personal and professional life. My experience of working with Luci is in the realm of the best I have ever had!
Luci’s impeccable integrity waste no time in getting right into the deep water of what I need when I call her.
Her level of professionalism is impressive in challenging me to fulfill on a vision that completely inspires me.
Luci has an ability to move from big picture to the mundane immediate details. And she offers powerful insight with an ease and grace and joy of a master. Luci is amazing!!!!“

~Greg Neil

“I have had many readings by several different readers over the years and haven’t ever felt compelled to write a review for any of them before. Not that the readings were sub par, just never had one as on point as the reading I had with Luci this evening. She’s was spot on with the details of my current situations and the people involved. It was impressive and exactly what I was looking for! By far one of the most accurate readings I’ve ever had!“

~Teresa C


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