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Unlock Your Cosmic Potential

Feeling trapped, uncertain, or in need of a guiding light?

Do negative energies, spirit attachments, or obstacles hinder your progress?

Introducing Luci, a Galactic Master Psychic Intuitive, Multi-dimensional Healer, Divine Blueprint Activator, and Metaphysical Mentor with over 30 years of dedicated experience.

Her mission is to serve individuals and entrepreneurs, unraveling life’s complexities with wisdom and compassion for their highest good.

About Luci

Luci McMonagle is a visionary multi-entrepreneur, bestselling author, and renowned Galactic Psychic Intuitive. With over three decades of experience, she empowers individuals worldwide to unlock their cosmic potential, offering personalized guidance and transformative energy work. Luci’s innate intuition and multi-dimensional approach illuminate paths to abundance, clarity, and spiritual growth. Through her bestselling books, including ‘Magical Money Manifestations,’  and ‘Magic, Mindset & Manifestations,’ Luci shares profound insights and practical wisdom, guiding seekers to embrace their highest selves. Join Luci on a journey of empowerment and self-discovery, where magic meets mindset and transformation unfolds.

All services are over the phone in the US or on Zoom Conferencing outside the US. No in person sessions.

Read what our clients think about Luci…

“Luci McMonagle has been my trusted go-to psychic for many years. She provides the highest integrity-level spiritual support. Luci fine-tunes and calibrates all services to help you get to the next level in the most angelic, caring, and gentle way. She has tremendous multi-dimensional skills and acumen, yet is extraordinarily humble and never overzealous or overpowering. Her communication is always respectful, smooth, and elegant. Her impeccability and dependability are unparalleled. I highly recommend her!.“
Sabine Messner


“I was happily surprised with my wonderful 18 chakra activation and clearing. It only took a few short weeks for new found clarity, ideas and abundance to show up in multiple ways. I am so grateful I worked with Luci. Thank you so much.”
Alexsiya Flora


“Luci has been a true leader in the spiritual community for over 12 years that I have known and worked with. Her guidance has enabled countless individuals, including myself, to tap into their intuition, manifest the life they deserve, and embrace love on deeper levels. With her expertise, Luci has empowered us to access realms of spirituality that were once unimaginable. Grateful for her transformative impact!”
R Bolo