My ‘Overcoming Your Fear of Selling’ meditation helps you have the confidence to start selling from the heart.
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I Empower Mystics, Conscious, and Evolving Coaches, Consultants & Speakers to Create Conscious Wealth by Teaching Them How to Access Their Super Powers

Hi, I am Luci McMonagle and I’m known as the Mystic Wealth Creator, A Visionary and Leader in Conscious Wealth Creation.


I have a VISION and I have FAITH that Evolving Entrepreneurs, Mystics and other Spiritual Warriors will start to rise up, make more money, have more influence and empower others to start finding solutions to help end poverty and slavery in this world.
I work with those that choose to be a part of the solution bringing CommUnity and Collaboation into the workplace and in our businesses. Many of the Mystics, Spirituals and Evolving Entrepreneurs that are working with me also have a vision that is similar. Some are finding solutions to end the oppression of women trapped in situations that they cannot get out of due to finances. Others are helping entrepreneurs create massive influence. As a part of this Global Team of other independent entrepreneurs, I am honored to be doing my part in empowering Mystics to bring back their true soul magic. I clear away generational issues in one powerful session and I also enhance and Upgrade Your Wealth Vibes while using my honed intuition to help you access your greatest hidden powers.
I help Mystics that choose to be Coaches, Consultants, & Speakers develop practical skills and bridge those with their Spiritual Gifts. I help you Access Your True Soul Magic, Tap into Your Vision & Connect you with other Leaders for creating an impact in the world. This includes mindset training, clearing generational patterns, increasing your wealth set point, energetic readings, & Mystic Apprenticeship.
I work with Visionary, Mystical, Persistent, & Courageous Entrepreneurs (Coaches, Consultants & Speakers) who want success in their businesses and are prepared to do the work to achieve their vision. Get your life and business on the path to success.
Self study programs
One on One mentorship
Group Programs and Masterminds
Mystic Apprenticeship available to select individuals that want to learn how to be a Magical Mystic
I help you find the hidden patterns that keep you stuck & prevents you from growing and reaching your High-Paying Clients.
I help you create a powerful network with other leaders that are creating movements to make this world a better place.
I help you access your Soul’s Purpose and Bridge Your Soul’s Mission with it.
I help you get visibility so you will create more influence.
I help you tap into your vision and access your hidden powers.
I help you with energetic readings to tell you what direction you and your business is going.
I help you create more wealth, freedom and joy in your life and business.
I help you connect with others that will help you create a legacy if you so desire.
I help you become magnetic to your ideal clients.
If you are interested in working with Luci, then you can book your complimentary discovery call to see if this is a fit. If you are not a fit I will refer you to a resource o someone else. Get onto my calendar at www.ChatWithLuci.com and get onto my calendar today Or you can click on the picture below:

I’m an experienced Educator and Motivational Speaker, inspiring your audience to participate and enjoy themselves while being empowered.
I have written Magical Money Manifestation that went to #1 Best Seller on Amazon. I am a Co-Author in 3 other books, Thoth, The Book of Magic; I Bared My Chest; and Careers from the Kitchen Table 5th Edition. More books are on the way.
I and the founder of Wealthy Wednesday Talk Show – a powerful show that inspires and empowers the audiences with practical and spiritual tools for creating a successful life and business.
Tonya Hoffman’s Fabulous TV Show
KickAss Relationship Show hosted by Midori Verity
The Frederic Bye Show
Money & Mind$et #LoveBasedMoney Podcast hosted by Michele PW
Finding Your Joy hosted by Paula Vail
“Tonight Show” hosted by the Talk Show Maven
….and many others SPECIALITIES: Practical skills bridged with Spiritual Powers; Increasing Your Wealth Vibes; Collaboration & Connecting; How to access your Inner Powers; Becoming the Magical Sage You Know You Are.
I am a proud Ambassador for the Evolutionary Business Council in Phoenix, Arizona



Before having a Blessing Prayer and coaching session with Luci, I had been experiencing a large amount of fear around doing my first retreat. I had reached out to my family, friends, and coaches all were encouraging and yet the fear remained. After having this one session with Luci, the fear subsided and I began to look forward to my retreat. In truth, I didn’t know exactly how to describe this session, only that there were things Luci knew that I hadn’t shared on the phone call (examples – that I lock my knees often and that I grip with my toes), that after the session my fear had subsided, and that overall I felt lighter and more energized. After my retreat, I signed up the only retreat member who was not already on my program. As frightened as I was about my retreat, what I discovered was that it was as easy as breathing. Each participant got from the experience everything I intended for them to receive and more. ~ Audrey Pyon, https://injoybeing.wordpress.com/about/

Audrey Pyon

Luci is an AMAZING person whom I am privileged to know! My first call with Luci was a clearing she did on me and OH WOW!!! The things she hit on were spot on! Then nearly a year later Luci and I started to work together she was coaching me and doing more clearings on me! She could literally feel my energy from a distance! This blew me away as I would be #winning at life and get a text from Luci saying Congrats or something inspiring for me. It’s like she knew a new client signed on with me 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Luci to anyone who is looking to increase their awareness and take their business and personal mindset to a higher level!!  ~ Denise Dominguez at denisedominguez.com

Denise Dominguez

I have had the pleasure of watching Luci step into her coaching and speaking brilliance. I had her on my radio show and was a guest on Wealthy Wednesday’s her show, in both she was dynamic, inspirational and a joy to be with. From what I have witnessed via video Luci offers her heart and deep well of wisdom when she is speaking live. I look forward to having her on my stage inspiring the audiences at Your Own University. I would recommend Luci as a speaker and coach to anyone wanting to earn more money and create miracles in their lives. -Antiqua Lisha

Antiqua Lisha Trauma Transformer

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Feel free to click around
and discover more about me -
and then let’s schedule a

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We’ll talk about what changes you can
expect when you work with me, and how you
can bring abundance to your daily life.

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