Are you grappling with life’s uncertainties, feeling trapped or in need of a guiding light?

Do negative energies and obstacles seem to be hindering your journey towards personal and professional fulfillment?

Luci is a beacon of light to bring you clarity and transformation. With over 30 years of experience as an Intuitive Psychic and Reiki Master Teacher, Luci specializes in unraveling life’s complexities. Whether you’re at a crossroads, seeking guidance, or in need of potent energy clearings, I am here to asssit you through the darkest times and celebrate the lightest times with you.

I will be honest about what I see and offer suggestions on how to navigate your challenges, even if the answers are not what you want to hear.

Services tailored specifically for You:

Galactic Intuitive Psychic Reading

Unlock cosmic insights with a Galactic Intuitive Reading!

Gain profound insights into your path, boost confidence, and find clarity in your decisions. Discover what cosmic forces are affecting you and learn how to shift your trajectory if needed. I tap into the Galactic energy and receive answers to your questions from  celestial guides, angelic forces and your personal guides. Illuminate your path with galactic wisdom and book a session now.

Galactic 12 Chakra Activation & Upgrade

Embark on a cosmic transformation with a Galactic 12 Chakra Activation & Upgrade! 

Liberate yourself from energetic blockages, heal emotional wounds, and transcend limiting beliefs and patterns. Elevate your intuition and psychic abilities while strengthening your spiritual connection to the Divine and celestial guides. Immerse yourself in a galactic journey of self-discovery and empowerment as you activate and upgrade your 12 chakras. Embrace the cosmic shift for a heightened state of being and spiritual evolution!

Click the link below to schedule your activation and upgrade today!

Cosmic Generational Karma Clearing

Step into cosmic freedom with a Galactic Intuitive Cosmic Generational Clearing! Unshackle yourself from inherited negativity, dissolve karmic debts, and release ancestral traumas. Imagine a life where limiting beliefs no longer hold you back – that’s the promise of deep emotional healing and personal transformation through our cosmic clearing process. This is your ticket to a liberated existence, a renewed purpose, and unlocking the boundless potential within you. Don’t miss the opportunity to create a harmonious and fulfilling life as you embrace the transformative power of our Galactic Generational Clearing. Your cosmic journey to personal liberation starts now!

Intergalactic Multidimensional Cosmic Healing

Embark on an intergalactic voyage of healing with our Multidimensional Cosmic Healing experience! Through the dynamic fusion of Reiki, Pranic, and Violet Flame modalities, we transcend conventional boundaries to address profound issues across interstellar dimensions—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Our adept practitioner not only checks and aligns your 12 chakras but also envelops you in an expansive sphere of cosmic comfort and love. Immerse yourself in the intergalactic energies for a transformative journey towards holistic balance and renewal. Embrace the cosmic currents of healing tailored to elevate you across the vast dimensions of existence!

Learn More About Luci

I provide Galactic Intuitive Readings to answer your questions. As a Reiki Master Teacher and Energy Alchemist, I’ve been helping individuals for over 30 years by providing potent energy healings and clearings.

Whether you are dealing with a complex problem and need guidance, or are curious about what your future holds in terms of career, love, or finance – I am here to help. I offer my services through phone or zoom sessions. I also offer consultation on personal and business development.

I genuinely care about your wellbeing and want you to lead a happy, healthy, and wealthy life that is successful on your terms.

If you’re feeling lost in life’s cosmic maze, I understand – life can be confusing. Sometimes, the regular guidance doesn’t suffice and you yearn for something deeper, something that resonates on a cosmic soul level. If you’re grappling with questions about your purpose, the challenges you’re facing, or the meaning behind it all, you’re not alone.

Imagine this – I begin by tapping into cosmic energies to provide you with insights that surpass the everyday. I am here to guide you through the cosmic maze of your existence, helping you make sense of your soul’s journey, understand your cosmic connections, and reveal the higher purpose behind those challenges that persistently surface.

Read Some of Luci’s Clients Say…

“Before getting coached by Luci, I was feeling unworthy and insecure about myself. I felt like I kept sabotaging my ability to be prosperous and have the life I desire to have. But I didn’t know how I was doing it and was not even aware of these self sabotaging behavrious. With Luci’s guidance, she showed me the patterns and negative behaviors I was doing on myself that prevents me from truly seeing my value. Through her brilliant work, we were able to shine a light on my money problems and use it to free myself from my previous programming. I now have the tools to be self aware and also to trust myself to know my value to become the abundance magnet that I truly am meant to be. And the cool thing is that the process was playful, fun and healing. I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!” ~ Donna Agnes

Donna Agnes

“Luci McMonagle has been my trusted go-to psychic for many years. She provides the highest integrity-level spiritual support. Luci fine-tunes and calibrates all services to help you get to the next level in the most angelic, caring, and gentle way. She has tremendous multi-dimensional skills and acumen, yet is extraordinarily humble and never overzealous or overpowering. Her communication is always respectful, smooth, and elegant. Her impeccability and dependability are unparalleled. I highly recommend her! ~ Sabine Messner

Sabine Messner

Before having a Blessing Prayer and coaching session with Luci, I had been experiencing a large amount of fear around doing my first retreat. I had reached out to my family, friends, and coaches all were encouraging and yet the fear remained. After having this one session with Luci, the fear subsided and I began to look forward to my retreat. In truth, I didn’t know exactly how to describe this session, only that there were things Luci knew that I hadn’t shared on the phone call (examples – that I lock my knees often and that I grip with my toes), that after the session my fear had subsided, and that overall I felt lighter and more energized. After my retreat, I signed up the only retreat member who was not already on my program. As frightened as I was about my retreat, what I discovered was that it was as easy as breathing. Each participant got from the experience everything I intended for them to receive and more. ~ Audrey Pyon

Audrey Pyon