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What IF YOU Were Fully Empowered AND Tapped Into YOUR TRUE SUPER POWERS?

What IF Your Personal Angelic Team were waiting for you to ask for Angelic Guidance?


Would you like to discover what YOUR Personal Guardian Angel Has To Say To YOU?

IF So…


I Help You Break Through Obstacles, Fears, and Remove the Sabotaging Patterns That Have Been Holding You Back With Help From the Angelic Realms.

  • I’ve Had Clients’ Manifest Their Heart Desires

  • Get Answers For Difficult Times

  • Find Inner Peace

  • And All Kinds of Wonderful Outcomes including increasing their wealth set point

Hi, I am Luci McMonagle and I am a Pure Channel, Mystic Mentor & Professional Public Speaker. I’ve worked along side and with the Internationally Elite Spiritual Teachers and Mentors for 20 plus years. I’ve always had direct connections to the Angelic Realms and Have Honed In My Gifts to Precision. I help you to go from thinking You are Tapped into Your Super Powers  – to fully using your True super powers.

And I help you to navigate through life’s challenges, give you direction and answer your questions by tapping into your personal Guardian Angel, Guides and Ascended Masters.

Are You At A Choice Point Now And Need Some Guidance From the Angelic Realms? If So, then Get On My Calendar As Soon As Possible.


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If you Are interested in Clearing YOUR Family Patterns, Activating & Aligning Your 12 Chakras, Having a Wealth Vibe Upgrade or Want me to mentor you for a longer time period, then Let’s Talk About YOUR Vision in a COMPLIMENTARY 40 MINUTE DISCOVERY CALL


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Before having a Blessing Prayer and coaching session with Luci, I had been experiencing a large amount of fear around doing my first retreat. I had reached out to my family, friends, and coaches all were encouraging and yet the fear remained. After having this one session with Luci, the fear subsided and I began to look forward to my retreat. In truth, I didn’t know exactly how to describe this session, only that there were things Luci knew that I hadn’t shared on the phone call (examples – that I lock my knees often and that I grip with my toes), that after the session my fear had subsided, and that overall I felt lighter and more energized. After my retreat, I signed up the only retreat member who was not already on my program. As frightened as I was about my retreat, what I discovered was that it was as easy as breathing. Each participant got from the experience everything I intended for them to receive and more. ~ Audrey Pyon, https://injoybeing.wordpress.com/about/

Audrey Pyon

Luci is an AMAZING person whom I am privileged to know! My first call with Luci was a clearing she did on me and OH WOW!!! The things she hit on were spot on! Then nearly a year later Luci and I started to work together she was coaching me and doing more clearings on me! She could literally feel my energy from a distance! This blew me away as I would be #winning at life and get a text from Luci saying Congrats or something inspiring for me. It’s like she knew a new client signed on with me 🙂 I HIGHLY recommend Luci to anyone who is looking to increase their awareness and take their business and personal mindset to a higher level!!  ~ Denise Dominguez at denisedominguez.com

Denise Dominguez

I have had the pleasure of watching Luci step into her coaching and speaking brilliance. I had her on my radio show and was a guest on Wealthy Wednesday’s her show, in both she was dynamic, inspirational and a joy to be with. From what I have witnessed via video Luci offers her heart and deep well of wisdom when she is speaking live. I look forward to having her on my stage inspiring the audiences at Your Own University. I would recommend Luci as a speaker and coach to anyone wanting to earn more money and create miracles in their lives. -Antiqua Lisha

Antiqua Lisha Trauma Transformer

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