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Women and Entrepreneurs hire me to manifest miracles and magic in their life and business to reach their ultimate wealth. Because most of you are unaware of the hidden mindsets that are ruining your potential and you may have even forgotten how to use their natural innate magical powers to manifest. So I empower you to awaken to your life purpose with a passion and start fulfilling your destiny.

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Manifest more Money, more Freedom & more Joy!

I’m Luci McMonagle and I’m known as the Miracles and Magic Intuitive Coach.  I’m also an author and speaker. I’ve transformed my poverty stricken childhood that was filled with tragedy into a life of wealth, freedom and joy. Despite all odds I have risen from rags to riches to become highly sought after.  It was through learning how to use my innate abilities that I was able to claim my true inner power and now I teach women and entrepreneurs how to tap into her innate abilities (* YES all individuals have innate abilities) and manifestation so she will be able to design her life on her terms.

Do you desire to design your life and have the type of lifestyle you’ve been dreaming of?


Special Announcement! The doors to Manifesting Wealth – Creating Your Legacy Business are now Open!

–> Get the details HERE <–



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My special powers are bringing you through the four elements that will set you free:

Mindset, Spirituality,Lifestyle & Professional Life


I am well known for activating your soul essence and the blessings of bringing miracles and magic to my clients’ life. Once you understand the spiritual laws, combine them with creating empowering mindsets and design the lifestyle you desire – then you become UNSTOPPABLE.

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My role is to assist you. I will help you uncover your soul purpose and find what mindsets are sabotaging you. We will bridge powerful spiritual techniques that any one can use regardless of belief system or faith with practical tools and EASY strategies.

Bottom line – you will be able to create magical manifestations in your life and you will have solid practical tools to embrace while having a deeper spiritual life.

This is not for everyone and I understand. That’s why I gift you with a complimentary call with me to find out if we are a fit for working together…

 Are you ready to manifest miracles and magic in your life?


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If you feel like you’re stuck in a financial quagmire, call Luci now! Her approach to helping people with money breakthroughs is legit. I went from practically trying to throw my money away to being in the flow. I now know my life purpose, I have people approaching me for speaking gigs, just published a book, and I feel very blessed to be where I am. Thank you Luci for believing in me, even when I couldn’t.

E.J. Katigbak

Luci’s program allowed me to achieve confidence, freedom from anxiety, self-trust, have clear business actions to take that have allowed me to connect with my ideal client or people who know my ideal client. Luci is someone who will empower you to be your best self. She is extremely skilled at communicating in a way that opens up new ideas for you and keeps you empowered. The simple techniques she teaches you are things you can use to have power, confidence, and effectiveness in every part of life. Most importantly for me, I can do it with ease and grace. www.hellobeautifulhealth.com

Marisa Molina

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