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Luci McMonagle The Galactic Psychic Intuitive and Master Multi-Dimensional Energy Alchemist

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Unlock Profound Insights, Boost Confidence, Find Clarity and Freedom in Your Life’s Path with Luci’s Expert Psychic Guidance.

Discover the Cosmic Forces Shaping Your Journey and Empower Yourself to Shift Your Trajectory Toward Success and Fulfillment.

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12 Chakra Alignment & Upgrade

Elevate Your Energy: Experience Complete 12 Chakra Alignment with Luci!

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Galactic Negative Spirits & Entities Clearing

  • Step beyond the ordinary as I purge dark energies, and entities hindering your life. By eliminating these malevolent forces, a harmonious environment emerges, fostering peace, confidence, wealth, and unlocking your full potential. Restoring well-being and uniting a protective field around you.

Ancestral Generational Lineage Clearings

Unshackle yourself from inherited negativity, dissolve karmic debts, and release ancestral traumas.

Break Free from Inherited Negativity, Dissolve Karmic Debts, and Heal Ancestral Traumas with Powerful Energy Work.

Experience Liberation, Transformation, and Renewal as Luci Guides You Through the Journey of Healing and Release.

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Money Manifestations

A Practical and Spiritual Guide for Manifesting more Money, more Freedom, & more Joy.

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Get My book, Magical Money Manifestations today. It is a practical and spiritual guide that can help you attract more money, freedom and joy into your life! Get ready to change the course of your life and activate your inner greatness with the help of your intuition and divine wisdom!

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Positive Reviews about Luci McMonagle

“I have worked with Luci many times over the past 5 years and I highly recommend her. The energy work I have experienced in our sessions has been profound and life changing. From moving through anxiety to dealing with the challenges of grief over the death of a family member, I experienced deep and lasting healing in a very quick period of time. Thank you Luci for your incredible gifts and your tremendous support.”

Marisa Molina


I felt at a crossroad and lost in life before I met Luci. I tried almost everything to move through this to clarity; books, courses, coaching, to no avail. I met Luci online and instantly knew she was unique (in a remarkable way). She’s switched on, and her intuitive gifts and energy work still leave me lost for words to describe how amazing working with her has been. Of course, I just had to work with Luci. Somewhere in the middle of our first session Luci tuned into something that was at a deep unconscious level for me, something I’d never thought about or given any attention to before. This one, seemingly insignificant thing that by the way no one else had ever tuned into; not ever; unraveled everything for me. Suddenly I had clarity and could see and sense the yummy path before me. What to do, and my next steps forward are now crystal clear. It’s like someone turned on the sun, to replace the torch. I’m so profoundly grateful for the GIFT of Luci McMonagle. I highly recommend if you get the chance to work with her, you’ll never regret it.

Serenity Raven-Wolf - Love Heals Humanity


Luci has an incredible gift!! She’s always so spot on with me and after we are done with our sessions I feel %10000 times better!! She is so friendly and kind hearted and actually takes the time to help and listen. I highly recommend Luci for energy work and soul alignment (that is my personal favorite thing to get done).”

Everyday Goddess