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Dawn Todd

Dawn Todd who is a Professional Business Coach and founder of Wildly Successful Women gives a testimony for Luci McMonagle on working with Luci. Her website is DawnTodd.com


Merry Paul

I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!


If you're looking for someone to read you, I mean really tell you who you are, you've got to give Luci McMonagle a try.


Abbe Johns

Emily John

Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader and I highly recommend her.


I would recommend Luci as a speaker and coach to anyone wanting to earn more money and create miracles in their lives. 


Addison Jac 

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Debbie Pokornik


Would you like a better relationship with money?
Money,abundance, prosperity, success - these things feel beyond elusive for so many people. In this book Luci explains why and provides plenty of tips for how you can change things. This is way beyond setting goals and paying yourself first. This book dives into the realms of energy releasing, paradigm shifting and generational healing.


A Blueprint to Manifesting Abundance

One of the best books I've read on the subject. Luci highlights some unique exercises to get the core of your relationship to money. It's a great book to reread on a regular basis as a reminder of what to do and what to do when it comes to manifesting abundance in your life.

Amazon Junkie




Magical Money Manifestations and Miracles

I'm only at page 463, but the brilliance of the book hit me then and elicited an opening to more miracles, which I have been experiencing and which everyone is entitled to if we are willing to do the work. Thanks Luci.


Inspiring with loads of great tips!!

This book is very inspirational! The author makes it seem super easy to achieve my goals, with her positive attitude and clear, simple ideas. I love how she addresses the powerful emotional connection required for manifesting. Fabulous book! :)



Amazon Customer


5 stars

Wow...lots of motivation. I haven't finished this book but i like it anyway. Great book.


This book is gold.

This book is gold. Luci is a positive energy that brings an abundance of smiles into your heart. Thank you for putting this book into the universe.

Alexia Anastasio


Amazon Customer

"I read this 2x in a 3day period. The first time I simply read it. The second time I performed the activities. Here’s the crazy part - 3 days later.
I got a small check in the mail. The next day another small check arrived. Day 3 I woke up almost six thousand dollars in my account.
I recommend this book for it’s amazing value. If you do as prescribed in the activities you will see results."

I just wanted to reach out & thank you whole-heartedly for the Blessing of your conversation with Karimah Stewart.  Thanks to your centered sharing, I was able to hear you & realize that I have been disconnected and out of the flow, truly exhausted, overwhelmed and terribly disappointed with my inability to manifest for quite a long time.
Everything you shared touched me & I realize that I am scattered from (efforting and trying too hard!)


 Love & Gratitude

My main hesitations about working together would be whether it would work for me. I have participated in a lot of different coaching programs and nothing seemed to cause the breakthrough I desired.

Luci provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.

Bottom Line: Luci’s coaching program is Absolutely phenomenal! It has been life changing. I am beyond grateful for being free from anxiety all because of the work we did with each other. It really gave me the confidence to make big moves within my business. I work less, take care of myself more, and no longer live in the world of overwhelm. I can truly enjoy what I do for my business and in my life. What I have accomplished working with Luci has not only been valuable to my business, but to my life, in what I am capable of accomplishing and reaching for my dreams.

Before having a Blessing Prayer and coaching session with Luci, I had been experiencing a large amount of fear around doing my first retreat. I had reached out to my family, friends, and coaches all were encouraging and yet the fear remained. After having this one session with Luci, the fear subsided and I began to look forward to my retreat. In truth, I didn’t know exactly how to describe this session, only that there were things Luci knew that I hadn’t shared on the phone call (examples – that I lock my knees often and that I grip with my toes), that after the session my fear had subsided, and that overall I felt lighter and more energized. After my retreat, I signed up the only retreat member who was not already on my program. As frightened as I was about my retreat, what I discovered was that it was as easy as breathing. Each participant got from the experience everything I intended for them to receive and more.

Audrey Pyon

Earl J. Katigbak

Luci wasn’t afraid to deal with heavy issues. Money issues are usually linked to problematic or traumatic events from one’s past and it’s as though you knew what to say. I also appreciate that she never gave up on me, even when I wanted to. She combined Karma clearing with practical, proven advice. And she is very bold in expressing the importance of your spiritual work, in tandem with the practical side.

Bottom Line: If you feel like you’re stuck in a financial quagmire, call Luci now! Her approach to helping people with money breakthroughs is legit. I went from practically trying to throw my money away to being in the flow. I now know my life purpose, I have people approaching me for speaking gigs, just published a book, and I feel very blessed to be where I am. Thank you Luci for believing in me, even when I couldn’t.

Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader that has helped me and others move forward during their times of turmoil. Of the 5 years I have known her, I have attended many of her life changing events that she has created and hosted. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend her.

Nick Meyer, Albuquerque, NM

Michelle Rodman

I liked how I felt completely comfortable with you, I didn’t feel the anxiety that I would normally feel and working with Luci was absolutely AMAZING!!! She has so much usable knowledge and her passion to help others reach their goals. I went in thinking "Cool I may learn some better marketing tools. I left with feeling like WOW this lady is remarkable. She not only helped me with my business but also she changed my life by helping me with choosing the proper techniques that can help me with my scatter brain thoughts and lack of focus. My life is going to change so much just by utilizing those amazing tools. I liked how I felt completely comfortable with you, I didn’t feel the anxiety that I would normally feel. THANK YOU, Miss Luci McMonagle:)

Here’s Maureen Marcella said about my Make Money Now Bootcamp: “I loved it. After all my reading many books by Bob Proctor and Esther Hicks I realized that Luci actually told us HOW to do it. I loved the instructions. It has allowed me to make clear sense with action steps in a way that is easy to understand. I am really enjoying this.”

Maureen Marcella

Donna Arrogante, The Essence Muse, brand designer/strategist and launch expert www.theessencemuse.com

“Before getting coached by Luci, I was feeling unworthy and insecure about myself. I felt like I kept sabotaging my ability to be prosperous and have the life I desire to have. But I didn’t know how I was doing it and was not even aware of these self-sabotaging behavrious. With Luci’s guidance, she showed me the patterns and negative behaviors I was doing on myself that prevents me from truly seeing my value. Through her brilliant work, we were able to shine a light on my money problems and use it to free myself from my previous programming. I now have the tools to be self-aware and also to trust myself to know my value to become the abundance magnet that I truly am meant to be. And the cool thing is that the process was playful, fun and healing. I highly recommend Luci to anyone who’s ready to express their fullest potential in the world just by tapping into their own greatness! Thank you Luci!”

Luci is an AMAZING person whom I am privileged to know! My first call with Luci was a clearing she did on me and OH WOW!!! The things she hit on were spot on! Then nearly a year later Luci and I started to work together she was coaching me and doing more clearings on me! She could literally feel my energy from a distance! This blew me away as I would be #winning at life and get a text from Luci saying Congrats or something inspiring for me. It's like she knew a new client signed on with me :) I HIGHLY recommend Luci to anyone who is looking to increase their awareness and take their business and personal mindset to a higher level!!


Denise Dominguez at www.denisedominguez.com Denise Dominguez

Connie Mazzella

Over the years, I have attended many of her (Luci’s) events, leaving each session feeling inspired, motivated and determined. Luci has a special charisma that makes people feel safe, even when delving into vulnerable areas of our lives. She helps people move forward through mindset trainings & techniques, helping with racing thoughts, focus, and self-empowerment, resulting in awakened inspiration.

Luci helped me become clear and taught me how to allow everything to unfold gracefully. She took me step by step so I never felt like it was overwhelming in the process. Her process helped me to become much stronger and clearer with my life’s purpose. I would say that Luci is incredible because she really sees you as who you really are and beyond, she can see who you really are, and bring it out of you in a safe loving environment, there is no judging nor blaming only love and compassion. Luci is the perfect mentor. Her unique solution is incredible because it wasn’t invasive or weak, it was so powerful and the same time soothing and gentle, she is like Gandalf with silk gloves. In summary, my experience was intense and at the same time gentle and deep, it’s like reaching out to all the angles of the soul and healing one by one. Now I’m learning how to use my inner magic, and how to expand spiritually.

Roni Diaz-Block

Joia Jitahidi

When I'm talking to Luci, I feel like the Universe is talking to me through her. She is able to draw out of me what really lights me up. We explore this and she has an ear to pull out the precise words that allows me to articulate precisely how I feel and how I can use this for my copywriting! Plus how to get fabulous testimonies too! Luci is a game changer and she guides me to know what my next step towards success is. This next step comes from a deeper inner place from within me. After each call I feel that she has helped me build an inner strength and I always feel like I have the faith that I can do it." ~ Joia Jitahidi - www.joiamuses.com

Good Morning powerful sexy magical women. I want to share my newest relationship with money. thank you to Luci McMonagle and Chella Diaz how both of you have changed my life.. Muah thank you... So I thought that my relationship with money was pretty good I have spent the last 15 years healing and reprogramming my early money stories and blockages. Which has been great but still stuck with not continuous flow of wealth and money. Then Luci McMonagle ask me how to I feel about money.. I say icky so I start on a journey of making money my friend and lover... then in very short time money starts to flow in woohoo. Couple of days ago I found $10.00 which is the universe saying it is on route after I did a mediation that morning about $10,000/day coming into my life. I was so happy and grateful. Another very cool thing that has happen I have been should a new way to bring more instead money into my life... I am soo excited to have a space to start my magical money adventure thank you for listening. Next post I will share how Chella Diaz has played a big part in my new sexy relationship with money. If you want to unlock your money blockages

 Gaia Morrissette


Lucy, I wanted to share this with you…last week I had an event to do. I put it out there to the Universe that I wanted abundance around this event. I said: "I am open to all the abundance the Universe has for me. I welcome abundance with open arms in gratitude and JOY." It worked! The lady who was paying me not only paid me for the event but gave me three times more than I asked for. Yes, three times. Gratitude! JOY! Abundance!

 I just loved it. Since we spoke 2 hours ago, I've had good indications that money is flowing towards me... as warranted by my empowered step up into the Rise of divine femininity. I think the energy, techniques, connection and messaging you offer are so loving & powerful, Luci was definitely on point, capable of shifting me and enhancing my life. As someone who had developed the ability to work with transmits and exchanges energy I was very aware of the Energy Luci was sending. It felt Heavy, Powerful, Sweet, Earthy, Moist, Divine, Heavily pleasurable.... She shifted me, gave me great advice, tips, tools and techniques and her energy - or rather the energy that she has now shared to me feels powerful and Divine! Thanks Luci Thank you. Abundant blessings to you. 

Erica Haines ~ https://facebook.com/ericahaineswellness

Erica Haines

Mitchell Levy


You want someone to tell you who you are. I mean who you really are? Some wouldn't. It's a great way for someone else to point out your strengths and weaknesses so you can work on being a better person. If you're looking for someone to read you, I mean really tell you who you are, you've got to give Luci McMonagle a try.


I have had the pleasure of watching Luci step into her coaching and speaking brilliance. I had her on my radio show and was a guest on Wealthy Wednesday's her show, in both she was dynamic, inspirational and a joy to be with. From what I have witnessed via video Luci offers her heart and deep well of wisdom when she is speaking live. I look forward to having her on my stage inspiring the audiences at Your Own University. I would recommend Luci as a speaker and coach to anyone wanting to earn more money and create miracles in their lives. 


Antiqua Lisha Trauma Transformer


Pamela Furno


Luci is a powerhouse of energy and information.  I was blessed with a call from her shedding light on dark places where I am actively trying to start a Reiki business on the oceanfront helping and serving others.   She began with an intense grounding that was the foundation of the hour long call enlisting the universe and angels.  Shortly thereafter I had some large epiphanies of LOVE; opening up more room for wonder.  Playing has taken on another activity; something I didn't experience a lot of and am now seeing it in more ways of living than ever before! 


Luci McMonagle is an amazing host who really knows how to put her guests and her audience at ease.  I truly enjoyed being on the show and felt that her calm spirit is a real gift to those who want to learn more about what it means to take on the many challenges associated with money. A welcome opportunity for those who want to grow into wealth and have a deeper understanding of what it means to move beyond management into mastery.


Dr. Sharon L, Spano


David Edelstein


"It was a pleasure to be a guest on Luci's Wealthy Wednesday Show. She has a sincere desire to inform and support her audience, bringing them useful personal and business information. Luci interviewed me with real attention and empathy, allowing me to make the best possible presentation of my work and ideas. This was a wonderful venue for me, and a great opportunity to serve Luci's audience."


Luci McMonagle is a wonderfully conscious host and I truly enjoyed our interview.  

~ Jacob Liberman, OD, PhD., author of Luminous Life: How The Science Of Light Unlocks The Art Of Living


Jacob Liberman


Fox Beyer


Luci's format (for the Wealthy Wednesday Show) and calm presence as the interviewer helped me engage even deeper into the topics presented on the show.  Overall, she provides a solid platform on which to share ideas in the clearest way possible.


Malachi Crawford


Luci's format (for the Wealthy Wednesday Show) and calm presence as the interviewer helped me engage even deeper into the topics presented on the show.  Overall, she provides a solid platform on which to share ideas in the clearest way possible.


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