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-About Luci

I’m Luci McMonagle and I truly know the pain and suffering a person can experience. I’ve been an Empath all my life – I’ve suffered from not only my own emotional turmoil, but from others too.

It seems like yesterday that I remember my mom always telling me that, “You’re TOO Sensitive.” She did her best to “Toughen Me Up” so that I would have “Thick Skin,” but it didn’t work because I was also psychic and have 10 spiritual gifts.

As a natural born psychic medium, I was able to start learning skills that honed my abilities of being a Clairvoyance and gifted healer and earned my Master Practitioner degree in Psychosomatics. I’ve also developed my innate healing abilities with intense training through various programs, masters and other teachers that I worked with.

There’s many things that I do that will help you become successful, the main powers that I have is being a transformer and alchemist. I help you get unstuck by not only my medium-ship guidance, but also by my unique programs that I’ve developed for those that are ready to take my hand and learn how to use their true mystical powers. 


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