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Myths & Legends About Guardian Angels
November 19, 2019

  The universe that we all thrive in has been created in perfect balance. A place that is filled with blessings also has dangers lurking around everywhere. A grizzly bear could instantly turn a fun camping trip in the woods into a nightmarish memory. Or an evening at the amusement park could be ruined by […]

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How Guardian Angels Express Their Love
November 14, 2019

  Let’s face it. Most of us came into this world alone. But all, not most, of us, will leave this world alone. That’s the single, most concrete and unpleasant truth of this universe, right? It appears that our existence was ultimately programmed for solitude. We all chase after relationships and intimacy all our lives […]

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Monetize Your Business in 5 Easy Steps
November 12, 2019

  Have you always felt that you were meant to do something truly big in life? Or that you simply weren’t cut out for the 9-5 regime? If that is the case, then you have an entrepreneur within you, waiting to be free and break all the barriers to achieve sweet success. The universe has […]

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The Spiritual Significance of Autumn Equinox
November 7, 2019

  It is a very common belief that celestial events impact us on a spiritual level. Ancient civilizations realized the significance of blood moons, eclipses, and equinoxes a long time ago and took appropriate measures to benefit from them. The generations that followed did not allow these traditions to die. Even today, despite so many […]

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How You Can Speed Up the Process of Manifestation
November 5, 2019

  Have you ever thought about how it takes a long time to manifest some things that you truly desire in your life and wondered how you can speed up that process? I have been getting a lot of emails from individuals stating that they’ve been following my process but things just seem to be […]

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