Channeled L❤VE Letter Directly From Your Guardian Angel!

And It’s Easier Than You Might Think Too!

You know your Guardian Angel Loves You and You Desire a deeper connection with Your Guardian Angel, but you are not sure where to start..

Let me guess, you’ve tried various meditations, set up times where you would be alone and yet, you do not feel any closer to your Guardian Angel then before.

Today, you can get much closer to your Guardian Angel by investing only $47 to received your personalized channeled love letter from your Guardian Angel.

Imagine how it will feel each time you read it, you will feel those goose bumps and you will know your Guardian Angel is hugging you.




My Guardian Angel Asked me if I would be willing to channel people’s Guardian Angel Love Letters. I was shocked when I heard this and after insisting on getting signs to ensure I was not listening to an impostor, I felt this deep sense of ease come over me. Then, I started to see Guardian Angels come to me with their scrolls in hand ready to have me translate their light language into an English Love Letter For you.

Author of Magical Money Manifestation

“The Spiritual Teacher & Mystic Wealth Mentor for Conscious Individuals””

I am Luci McMonagle and I am an Energy Worker, Speaker, Author, and the host of the highly acclaimed Wealthy Wednesday talk show. As a Spiritual Leader & Mystic Wealth Mentor, I am an advocate for your Guardian Angel. Through my mediumship abilities, I channel your personal Guardian Angel to help you become successful. I also help you access your Soul’s Purpose and bridge these to your Soul’s Mission with it.

What do I do?

I am a pure and natural channel to the higher realms. I guide, empower, and uplift individuals with my powerful messages from Guardian Angels and Guides. Moreover, I am highly sought-after for my abilities to bridge the Spiritual with the Practical, effortlessly and effectively.

“I work with people who are really up to something in the world — who are committed to positive change, leaving a meaningful legacy — but they’re feeling stuck or stalled or having challenges moving things forward. I help them break through the obstacles, the fears, and hidden self-sabotages that has been holding them back. I’ve had clients manifest tens of thousands of dollars, start thriving businesses, fill their practices with a waiting list, and all kinds of wonderful outcomes.”

Read what our clients think about Luci…

Throughout her journey, Luci McMonagle has helped many people mend their negative mindset, develop positive relationships with their Guardian Angels, Reconcile Family Patterns, and Find Inner Peace.

“Luci McMonagle is an inspirational leader that has helped me and others move forward during their times of turmoil. Of the 5 years I have known her, I have attended many of her life changing events that she has created and hosted. It is with great admiration that I highly recommend her.“

Nick Meyer

Albuquerque, NM

“Luci McMonagle provided me with clear strategic actions to take and really helped me to transform the negative self-talk that I have about myself and removing fear and anxiety, completely elevating my level of confidence.“

Marisa Molina


“No matter where someone is in their relationship with money, trust me when I say that what Luci McMonagle has to offer is of the utmost importance. What Luci does should be done, or taught, in school.“

E.J. Katigbak

CEO & Founder, Company Ltd.