Time to Get Yourself Unstuck…Financially!

The world we live in is a beautiful place. There’s nothing denying this fact. Every little pattern, every little detail, all those words of love we exchange on a day to day basis…are absolutely beautiful. But there’s also another fact that we can’t ignore or reject: This world is based on a give-and-take mechanism. It’s the one thing which separates us from the animals. You can’t snatch and fight for your food. Instead, you need to behave in a civilized way, play your role in the society, and earn your bread (or rely on someone who does.) There’s no simpler way of putting it! One of the most basic things that drive us to get out of our beds every morning, get dressed, and hustle all day long is the pursuit of wealth. Many people spend all their lives struggling to accumulate wealth, with no significant results. Money doesn’t seem to stay and slip through their fingers like water.

Don’t get me wrong – I too have grown up in a home where money was tight. I was raised to perceive wealth as something that was hard to get by or very scarce, which is why I developed a negative “money mindset.” Thankfully, later I transformed this thinking, got financially unstuck,and went on to make millions! The point is, anyone who is financially stuck can change their life around and experience a massive growth of wealth. I have been helping people in this regard with my Mystic’s Wealth Starter Program,in which I take them on a comprehensive journey of spiritual detoxification and mindset transformation, which ultimately leads to destination-money! To learn more about this program, click here.

Meanwhile, in this article, I will share with you some quick tips on getting yourself unstuck financially. Do note that these will just scratch the surface – If you truly want to control your wealth, then I highly recommend giving my program a try!

Basic Tips to Start Gaining Financial Freedom

Without further ado, let us discuss the tips, shall we?

Tip #1: Work on your money mindset.

As mentioned above, I was able to change my financial conditions after changing my mindset about money. The things a person sees, hears, and talks about during their childhood tends to stick with them throughout their life. The mindsets that they develop on different aspects of life can be extremely difficult to change. The same can happen with money. If a person was born into poverty, two things can happen later on in their life:

  1. They’d either remain living in poverty.
  2. They’d change their life around and become successful and financially strong.

Obviously, hardly anyone wants to live a life of poverty. Therefore, you need to start working on your mindset. Instead of perceiving money as a monster or something that can’t stay at one place, think of it as something that’s your right.

Tip #2: Know it within your heart that it’s all going to be okay.

While working on your money mindset, you also need to give yourself constant reassurance that you are capable of achieving any goal and that nothing is impossible. There comes a time in all of our lives when we must face and address our fears. Now is the time to address yours. After having lived a life of scarcity, it’s okay to be afraid of the thought of having to deal with a lot of money at once. To overcome this challenge, try thinking about the positive aspects of having wealth. You’d be free to do whatever you want, buy whatever you want, and above all, help those in need with the blessings which the universe has given you and make the world a better place.

Tip #3: Use positive affirmations.

Throughout my life, positive affirmations have helped me a lot in terms of solving my problems and achieving my personal and professional goals. Our souls are similar to trees. In order for a tree to grow, you need to water it every single day, care for it, and show your care. Eventually, it will sprout into a mighty structure of nature. The same is the case with your soul. You need to shower it with positive thoughts and sentences. By being consistent with your efforts and reassuring yourself that you are going to gain wealth, you will eventually achieve financial freedom.

Tip #4: Take action.

Being successful and financially strong is mostly about your mindset. But you do need to take certain actions. This means that you have to get up every single morning, step outside your comfort zone, and actually struggle to work for the money. During your struggles, it is vital to not lose heart and being consistent with your efforts. The struggle you are doing today will all be worth it, sooner or later. So, take matters in your own hands, while also working on manifesting wealth by following the tips mentioned above. It’s all about balance!


The power to change your life is in your hands. The universe can only guide you towards certain paths and provide you with the necessary tools – It is you who has to make do with whatever you have in the most efficient way possible. I assure you that just by following the simple tips discussed above, you can begin your journey to financial freedom and unlimited wealth! And to ensure that you reach your destination, don’t forget to try my Mystic’s Wealth Starter Program!

Why Spiritual Entrepreneurs Need to Mend their Relationship with Money


Most of the concerns and problems in our lives are related with money that it’s too little, too tight, not enough; it’s evil and feeds greed. Money gets so much bad rap and yet we all want it. Spiritual women entrepreneurs’ relationship with money is defined with this very contradiction. They want their business to make money and profit and yet feel ashamed in charging for their services. This causes so much stress in their life and business, around the money area. In a Wealthy Wednesday episode with Michelle PW, I explored the concept of love-based money and loved-based enterprises. Here are a few ways spiritual heart- and soul-centered women entrepreneurs can mend their relationship with money:

Harness the Energy of Money

Money is treated like a thing, a mere dollar bill, though it’s an energy that needs to be harnessed. It has a spiritual dimension that stays unrealized because we are told (and like to tell ourselves) that ‘money is evil’, ‘money is bad’. But at a deeper level, money is a way for you to exchange energy with the universe. Money will not only help you generate wealth and sustainability in your business, get more freedom, fulfillment, abundance and joy but it would also help you create a positive impact on the world. When you back your money with a mission, the universe reciprocates you with more money, wealth, abundance. A great example of this is Oprah, the media mogul. When you have a divine consciousness and zeal, the money and wealth the Universe sends to you is blessed with a divine purposefulness.

Use Money as a Stepping Stone for Wealth

Money is accumulated but wealth is what is built. Michelle PW has rightly identified the difference between a job mentality and a wealth mentality. We see money as a means for exchange of goods and services. We live from pay cheque to pay cheque, use money to pay the bill or keep it locked away into a bank. We don’t like to look at it, feel it, and explore the ways it can be creatively, meaningfully and profitably used. Money is not meant to be stockpiled. It needs to be cultivated; it loves movement. This doesn’t mean you should start giving money out, spending or investing it unscrupulously; rather, use it in creative ways: invest it wisely.  When you give it out; give it blessedly, generously, and heartily.  Once your wealth consciousness is high, you will b able to attract money, retain it, and grow it into wealth.

Get to know Money like your Get to Know Your Friend 

 Just like you have a love based relationship with people in your life, try to treat money at the same scale. Treat it like a person: understand it, talk to it, befriend it. Tape it on your mirror and look at it everyday; take it out of your wallet, talk to it, feel it. Tell it how many ways it has helped you and has enabled you to help others. Don’t look at money with disgust, fear, or bafflement. Look at it with gratitude. Also, don’t accumulate money at the cost of precious things and people: your health, your mental peace, your family. I learnt the lesson the hard way when I lost my job, my savings, my health, my marriage in the blink of an eye.  When your relationship with money is healthy then you operate from and go around the world from a place of clarity, confidence, and joy.

Let go of ‘Either’ or ‘Or’ Choice Paradigm  

we have been told that we cannot have it all. We can either be homemakers or we can be business owners. We can work for money or just continue having an idle, carefree time. If you live on such absolute terms, then you will feel stuck, you will feel an impoverishment of means, you would operate from a paradigm of limitations. And for talented women, this is not the best way to live or to use their abundant potential and skills. In this digital age, we have so many opportunities that has enabled so many women, who are full time homemakers and caregivers, embark on entrepreneurial journey. This way they have been able not just to become independent but to raise their own and others’ money consciousness and become part of the money movement I propagate.

I am Luci McMonagle, a spiritual healer and Mystical Wealth Creator. I teach women entrepreneurs a spiritual money mentality and harness its positive energy. So that they can create meaningful, heart-centered and soul-fueled businesses, so that they can not only make an impact on their life but make a meaningful, philanthropic impact on the world. If you feel that your relationship with money is not great and that it’s affecting your business’ purpose and profit, then we definitely need to talk. I offer complimentary sessions besides a bevy of other services. Book a vacant spot on my calendar. http://lucimcmonagle79.youcanbook.me/

The Top 5 Life Lessons that Helped Me Become a Mystic Wealth Creator


If you have been following me on the web in form of this blog or through any social media platform, you might be aware that I have recently released a book titled ‘Magical Money Manifestations’ on Amazon. It has escalated quickly to become one of the top 10 books in Amazon’s Business and Money list. I have felt very much humbled by its success, as it is not just a commercial book but something close to my heart, a work in transition since years. While many purchasers of these books have claimed that the book has opened up new chasms in their minds regarding wealth creation, I have also been interviewed, approached by my readers about things like what inspired me, the kind of life lessons that led to the process of being a Mystic Wealth Creator for spiritually inclined and enabled women entrepreneurs. If I can consolidate my life lessons in top 5 points, they would be these:

Seeking Inspiration

Working in a cocoon or manifesting wealth in isolation can get counteractive, so just get out there from time to time. You won’t be able to up your wealth creation game if you stay stuck in a stagnant, toxic, stressful routine and don’t take conscious steps to seek, cultivate, and nurture inspiration through mindful ways. So, no matter how hard pressed you are for time, busy in making ends meet, do make the time to indulge in an inspiring and creative activity, so that you can reclaim your inner sanctuary to manifest your inner desire. For me, it has been activities like coloring, drawing, cabin camping, being near the woods and lake, and going to the farmers’ market for organic shopping. All these activities look escapist in nature but the surrounding peace and quiet allow my mind, heart, and spirit to get aligned so as to magnetize my wealth consciousness.

Keeping Yourself Motivated

Your inner compass needs guidance in order to be able to point you towards better things. That’s why I recommend reading, going through other people’s work. I still chant the affirmations I read in Louise Haye’s book ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ to keep myself spiritually motivated. Regularly reading motivational work from spiritually inclined entrepreneurs and trainers has helped me take off my own blinders and keep them off.  When you are fully inspired and motivated, your money vibe is the strongest. Likewise, journaling help me keep track of, focus and work on my Aha moments and ideas that have a wealth building potential.

 Embracing the Wealth Building Process

Unless you are born filthy rich, raising your wealth consciousness is a process, a long and gradual one. We all want to be wealthy but creating wealth potential means getting on the path of wealth creation and embracing the miles. When I was raising my baby boy, there was a time when I was so broke that I had to eat crackers so my son could have his solid food. In 2008, I lost my health, my job, my marriage, and a good portion of my savings in a matter of weeks. All these junctures could have been the breaking point, but for me, they became the turning point. I was never born with millions but earned them, lost them, and then regained them. Since I see wealth creation as a process, I was able to embrace the highs, as well as the lows, and land on my feet after crushing setbacks.

Emulating the Mindset and Footsteps

No wonder copycats who try to emulate and steal others’ profitable ideas have limited or short-term success. They don’t understand that they need to follow the footsteps of the rich and successful, adopt their growth-oriented mindset, and start their own wealth making journey. Once you begin adopting the growth-oriented mindset, you are able to see money manifesting and money making opportunities start popping up in your life like magic. For instance, when I was looking for ways to earn money, I learnt ways to earn money by running errands for disabled people; it was a good start that led to better and more profitable things.

Not Giving Up…No Matter What!

I left home when I was barely 17, moved to the city, had to work three jobs to pay for my education, make my rent, and pay my bills. I got pregnant when I was 21 and was suddenly laid off from my job in the 7th month of my pregnancy, and had to go on welfare to be able to survive on my own. I was determined to find my way out of this poverty and desperation of means, or to die while doing it. This anger turned into an inspiration and determination to do more, to do better. Slowly and bit by bit, I was able to put my life together: I was able to buy my own home and very first new car before I hit thirty.

Some people might look at me and think that I have had it easy, that I have had it all figured out, that I had always been this conscious and aware as a wealth manifestor and creator. But the reality, as you can see, has been quite the opposite. All these life lessons have enabled me to overcome obstacles in my journey from poverty to money, abundant wealth, joy, and freedom.  This bumpy journey and the unique insights have helped me in becoming a Mystic Wealth Creator so that I can support, guide and nurture heart-empowered, and spiritually conscious women entrepreneurs realize their true money-making potential, become the best in their businesses and their lives. You can be one of them. You can book a free discovery session with me to learn how you can start making your own wealth creation journey.