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"Meet the Author"


Luci McMonagle

Author of Magical Money Manifestation, A Practical and Spiritual Guide to Manifesting more Money, more Freedom and more Joy

Luci McMonagle is The Mystic Wealth Creator For Conscious, Spiritual and Mystic Entrepreneurs. Her purpose is to re-awaken ancient wisdoms, to empower mystic entrepreneurs into lives of freedom unleashed as they truly are, so they can spread their mystical magic into the world for humanity to reach its higher potential. And she is on a Mission to establish peace on earth where love reigns by bringing the “higher truths” of living in harmony and in our higher potential and to do this we will need to manifest wealth and create a legacy.

Join Luci in a movement to create your legacy and unleash your greatness.

“Creating businesses that create wealth and make an impact using proven manifestation principles."

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