Bring a Change in Your Prospects’ State!

Bring a Change in Your Prospects’ State!


The BEFORE state and AFTER state scenario implies the journey of a customer when he decides to choose a certain product or service. The general view is, that BEFORE the customer acquired that product or service, he was in a “sad” state. However, AFTER he consumes that product, his state shifts from sad, to a “happier” one. A marketer’s job is to make his prospect move from the BEFORE state to the AFTER state in such a way, that there is significant variation in his two states BEFORE and AFTER purchasing the product.

For instance, let’s say a customer was very sad and dissatisfied with his car BEFORE he decided to switch it with a certain new one. AFTER he makes the purchase and uses the new car for some time, his former state shifts to a really happy and satisfied one. Since there is a noticeably huge gap between the two states, the marketer has gained enough success for his business.

That said, what should you do if you want your customers to move from the BEFORE to the AFTER state? Good marketing involves offering something of Value to the customer. Your ability to change your prospect’s state from BEFORE to AFTER will in turn, move YOUR business’s state in the same direction.

The ultimate success or failure of your product or offering depends on your target consumers’ PERCEPTION of your product, and unfortunately, their first perception of your product is often the one that lasts. Therefore, it is a dire necessity to ensure the first impression is a good one.

With the Luci experience, you can learn a number of ways and means to make your customers happy, and double or even triple earnings! Luci’s sessions will provide step-by-step lessons, which will teach you the secrets of success – the formula by which you can easily change your customer’s state with respect to what they Have, how they Feel, How is their Average Day, and their current status, BEFORE and AFTER buying your product.

Thus with the Luci experience, you will do yourself and your business a huge favor. You will have secrets, which you never had earlier; you will have tips, which will give you greater success with your future prospects. As stated earlier, your success depends on the distance between your customers’ BEFORE and AFTER states. By attending Luci’s sessions, you will master ways to optimize your product’s value and increase this distance significantly. Once you attain the ultimate success formula that works for you, your business will boom!