The Big Bad “B” Word – Setting Boundaries

Big B

Have you ever felt bad about using the big bad B word? That is have you felt bad when you had to start Setting Boundaries? The B word as some call it can be a rough one for many of us because we don’t want to be perceived as mean, rotten, evil, selfish, (oh yeah the big S word that is sometimes sneered at us by manipulating people). There will be others’ words or tones of voice underhandedly used when others cannot get their way while taking advantage of your money, time or energy. All because you used the Big Bad B! It’s best to allow your Boundaries become your big brother! You set Boundaries to protect yourself. Let me tell you from being a recovering doormat…. this is not an especially one. It seems that as soon as you make a boundary people suddenly start asking you to cross that boundary. You get hit with it left, right and sideways.