I was interviewed at the KickAss Relationship Show hosted by my good friend Midori Verity. The Show invites expert individuals and lets them share intimate secrets and modern advice for couples, to elevate your relationship to live sexier and happier, to have way more fun! Midori believes success in life is better when mixed with excitement and love.

Do you feel like there’s an invisible ceiling looming over you that is keeping you from living a more financially abundant life? No matter how hard you bust your butt you seem to always be in same place? It’s super frustrating right?

In the show I talked about unlearning family money patterns. I believe that our wrong beliefs in wealth and money stem from our upbringing and experiences growing up. I shared how our financial situation is based on our childhood AND how to open the door to Greater Wealth Flow!

LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE: https://bbsradio.com/podcast/unlearn-family-money-patterns-luci-mcmonagle-october-25-2017